✈ 10 TRAVEL Beauty Must-Haves! ✈


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0:00hey this is Jen and today I want to share with you some of my favorite
0:03product that I take with me
0:05on a short chat now I do a lot traveling though it given me a lot of time to be
0:10able to pick and choose things that definitely come in handy
0:13especially when I don’t have a lot of time I don’t have a lot of choices
0:17I hope you guys enjoy watching if you would like to see what my travel pics
0:20are then keep watching
0:22so the first thing is 8 small I shadow palette this is my favorite 1i
0:27lovely naked basics palette just convened tiny little
0:31iPhone tight container it has a few different
0:34I shattered and then mostly neutral and Mac which I love because
0:38you can never go the wrong but the neutral matte eyeshadow no matter what
0:42kind of situation you’re in
0:43has a really dark color seeking smokey eye then have lighter color CQ an
0:48everyday casual look it have a giant mere to see don’t need to worry about
0:51bringing an extra mere
0:53I actually love this it perfect perfect for channel
0:56another similar products is bringing up blush bronzer duo
1:00I have a couple different option but I take with me but this is one that I had
1:04a lot of people recommend this is from
1:07L and this one is actually really known for being
1:10a dupe the NARS Orgasm Laguna bronzer duo that the lower affordable
1:15option if you don’t wanna spend that kind of money but it still had a really
1:19leak slim lightweight case though it’s really easy to take with you
1:23the next read it I wanted to talk about is actually just on a call for
1:27when you’re on an airplane everything gets dry your skin gets drier throat
1:32gets dryer lint
1:33get dry so it’s really important to take some kinda lip balm that doesn’t have
1:37too much
1:38in it you don’t want anything too many good I can also be drying
1:41he had right elbow surgery cuticles you can always add this on to it as well
1:46sticking with the theme %uh lip products I think it’s so important
1:50to have in an LBD with you on any trip and on TV stands for my lips but better
1:56I actually have a whole video on my top favorite MLB
2:00which I will leak great over here if you haven’t seen that video yet
2:03but this is one that I’m wearing today if the Maybelline Color with
2:07for the thickened Rosa attraction and I really like it it’s very affordable
2:12and hydrating and he just looks really nice without too much guesswork which I
2:17feel like you’re on the run it’s really important to have one of those
2:20you also need some kind of statement lip
2:23I feel like any time traveling more often than not
2:27I’m in a situation where I need to look pulled together
2:30really quickly and I don’t have a lot of makeup to do that and my to go to use
2:35are having a statement that lipstick
2:37this one is the letter read by 2face there with creme lipstick
2:41by love love this color in the second product
2:44is to have a really great weekend eyeliner so this is the 1 I’ve been
2:48using lately it by and make them if they’re
2:50dark heard eyeliner when I’m traveling I don’t want to carry
2:54too many brushes could they take up a lot of luggage space
2:57so it’s really handy to have products with you that don’t need an additional
3:00brush to be able to use especially if you have to clean those pressures
3:04all the time because to be honest when I’m traveling I don’t do more than spot
3:09cleaning my brushes
3:10I love this one it’s just a pen style eyeliner
3:14and you don’t need anything else do you think the next product I wanted to talk
3:18is a perfume atomizer I’ve been using the kind the perfume atomizers for a
3:22while now and May super super come in handy
3:25everybody knows after a long road trip or a long plane ride
3:29the last thing on earth do you want to do is step off that plane being kinda
3:33stinky heathrow is important to have a little bit
3:36something to just freshen up your son I like this one
3:40the tremolo actually I have heard about it before because it a pretty handy
3:45basically you just take a perfume line this
3:48it the Joel a nectarine blossom and honey cologne I love it so much but look
3:53how did giant the bottle is
3:54I would literally die if this broken my luggage I mean my
3:57stuff with Melanie but I P paper said so all you have to do
4:01is you just pop off the hot like that
4:05you have this little nothin this is like the same on all curfew
4:08it had a little hole in the bottom he just fill it up by pumping it down
4:13night because this is really 30 and I don’t worry about it we eat a linker him
4:17on all my things in my luggage
4:19it’s just really lightweight easy to take with you actually keep this in my
4:24purse with me as well just so I can
4:25brainy tammany to if you guys wanna check this out I’ll leave a link down
4:29below and you can actually get 20 percent off I
4:32that EP any credit the next product they want to talk about it actually and I job
4:38getting really tired and red and dry
4:42especially on airplanes so it’s really important to make sure you keeping
4:46all areas hydrated and I especially like this one it he wrote only
4:51they I job and I got the phone from pretty cute has 8
4:55adorable little container I especially like eBay pandy
5:00not just because your eyes Mike it right but anytime you might be an appearance
5:04and wanting to do for a in the liquid eyeliner you didn’t bring your handy
5:08dandy pen style liner
5:10you can just add this to a little bit powder eyeshadow
5:15and that make it work has a little bit ingredients that’ll
5:18they hold onto your skin better than just water another product that I found
5:23keeper handy and a little bit unconventional is actually having
5:27a small tackle box in the evening is that any kind you might have anything
5:31little that might get lost in your luggage 50 keep it
5:35altogether and right where you can feel everything so I actually have a few
5:39pairs a false eyelashes and it
5:41but I’ll feel love to keep jewelry in here as well
5:45so if you want a few different pairs a ring stud or necklace is this and
5:49actually adjustable so I have a large compartment here in a few small in here
5:54and you can just carry it with you especially if things are a little bit
5:58more valuable and you don’t want to put it in your checked luggage
6:01any finally my last product and that is 18-month have
6:05necessary product for any trip I ever go on
6:09it had me a dry shampoo not just any kinda dry shampoo
6:14but one that not in aerosol can they is my favorite one if by
6:19dealer I bought it from feel a website can I found that website like the Ford
6:23don’t seem to carry it
6:24but it is one of my longtime colleague rail I’ve used this one for years
6:29and it lasted me so so long and 50 like a refresher
6:33in J blossom which is a beautiful scent
6:36it’s not too heavy if not physically too heavy either seek input in any
6:41your luggage not to mention there’s no liquid involved
6:45so you can carry with the one you carry on just buying if your hair gets a
6:49little flat on the airplane
6:51or if you’re wearing a hat and you just don’t wanna look greasy where he just
6:55need a little bit every fresh easy get a bit more volume
6:58just sprinkle a little bit on your area and just kinda work it into your hair
7:02it absorbs all the oil and now he per night
7:06I don’t know what I would do without this this is something I hope I can keep
7:10repurchasing for after and so I guess that’s about it I hope this was helpful
7:14for any views were going on
7:16a trip in the near future I want a few ideas
7:20a things that you have to take with you this is Jen I love hockey guy
7:24in my next video back
7:27pictorial nature
7:34healing Jim for him to