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0:09hello everyone
0:10I am here enemies that angered you may actually not be nice you watch this
0:14beautiful girl
0:15didn’t it. if you don’t already watch young people should be watching her
0:20your main thing and we’re hanging out here out picking up staying and doing
0:24some filming videos are on top because
0:26I’m here visiting for the pound for
0:29you know union and all that fun stuff I know that I find myself packing a bag
0:33even if it’s just like
0:34and when you’ve been con- and hour away his lobbying hotel Sao
0:38I’m I think some travel tips are great for air
0:41and some interest rate early your you may feel the are you ready
0:45are you ready I’m ready are you ready I don’t have an answer
0:48I’m hoping you’re saying yes because in Hamburg we could do it yeah there we go
0:54okay so hit number one is it going to the dollar store
0:58dollar store had like newly really been fine for a little trouble keep this time
1:02prime example because
1:03I am traveling currently this is just my cleanser and they have these cute little
1:07fact that they have on all they have little jars they have another
1:10ray think which is also only include a target like
1:14it will cost you five dollars for some people chapter let’s look at Dollar
1:18those like ridiculous and others of Canadian dollars 0
1:22and I had little able to iraq a little labels because they didn’t know it until
1:26I’m but how quickly the label that you can use early make it with you
1:30creams and everything’s in old times wit United number two
1:34is for anyone that’s going on a flight or anyone going to a drier climate your
1:38skin is gonna be like
1:39oh my gosh use more parched and makeup isn’t going on as well as I want it to
1:44I swear by putting on a clear gel mask before
1:48every play I look kind of crazy but not as crazy as you would imagine because
1:53the is just a clear jar
1:55this is peace into the cause hydrating be by
1:58mask and bass ice where keeps your skin just so fun
2:02and nice but there are times most rising mask out there so can actually brought
2:06on as well I was gonna bring to the travel 5
2:08and lately how it but he did not want to this 1 I’ve been using the labor
2:13generous Lulu
2:14miss overnight mask just see yeah I know it’s you know they’re happy hey it looks
2:19like opaque but it actually clear when you turn it on
2:23and its overnight mask so you can just put on you don’t have time
2:26either like I concluded gunther enough in this but
2:29I’m using the tiniest amount to just rehydrate without
2:32you know britain out I have that combination skin and that
2:35perfect just I’m the right amount of hydration yes
2:39so guy perjury three fine wine
2:42single piece and South much better at it i think thats he especially you’re going
2:47to like
2:47quick like weekend trip with me by your overpack media
2:51you’ll you
2:54you have you know I will keep her skin latina or like I’m maxi dress
2:58you that peace they’ve been drunk woman dressed down is just going to
3:02make the whole crop is a lot easier and I liked I don’t know about you but I
3:06like to lay out my outfit and
3:07Lansing only inferno dorky I’ll actually
3:11check materials like butts brinkley what’s not
3:14his I love those kinda maxi dresses you were really good luck all
3:17up in some public policy number four is essential
3:21for so many reasons if you were going to be on a flight
3:24especially and you get chilly up in the air and you can you
3:27you know just wanna be and legs and out any more than the way
3:31arm not only will I use an infinity scarf ageless cute and stylish
3:36you keep myself warm RT step further and I
3:39actually been that we’re girl I curled up in the corner with like your
3:42I I am ignoring every person you can also it’s nice because there are so many
3:47restrictions now in terms like
3:49when you bring on a hike at the over all love your carry-on duffel a pack in a
3:53blanket kind
3:54practical sometime really is so it got connected to thank you wearing
3:59the like Amy who’d you haha your number five
4:04I like Tupac wind ball outfit her person I i’m talking with
4:09in my carry on with me on and not just in case
4:12email for me it was Julie I just in it Julie got
4:15day or it was really cold on the plane and even extra layers are just
4:19just in case I liked I think they brought like an example
4:23you know how good my clothes but that’s not all
4:26also if you see please get lost it kinda nice
4:30to not have to like live in your lame airport closed you know
4:34yes well Anna I have
4:37and 1950 like flashing through my brain I mean if making
4:41he didn’t do it like this maybe not appropriate for summer so much
4:44in the winter I’m like I all up my plane
4:48I on the biggest fear Hughes the biggest
4:51I how on the plane with like my layers
4:56other stuff that would take him so much room in my thinking oh my gosh totally
5:00ohmygod yeah security like I’m that we might be huge
5:04do you like only Kampman in my suitcase or a No
5:08and being practical here lovely kiss me he loves her and that
5:11me he extra I like to conversate I was a temporary year
5:15annoying to power larger bulky items on a plane though for never 78 all about
5:20like trying to combine a
5:22product together especially again if you are transparently as possible
5:27and princes disregard person from would try and keep the products or did she
5:31want product so
5:33for example I really I packed the chart fearless cheek stain
5:36as an example this money can’t buy you love actually have a mile now
5:39you bite your cheeks BB Cream is another really good example anything like that
5:44where you can cut down on the number
5:45I you bringing just gonna make the whole packing
5:48situation the whole lot your team but
5:53alright we’re going to go are like natural and homeopathic
5:57with our travel because I am a very inches flyer
6:01and I dont like to drink I don’t like to take medication if you like I want to be
6:05really on-point
6:06land and it’s funny because whenever I’m like I’m nervous on this flight nine
6:12to go see you oh wow I
6:15love this product not only for travel which is pretty stressful situations it
6:19really confident or this time
6:20this is the Bach Rescue Remedy spray natural stress relief
6:25you can purchase this act any Whole Foods or a natural
6:28Food Mart he hadn’t it doesn’t
6:32something that you actually I’m you spray cheese brie
6:36under your time and 2013 the sensation and you can feel like this warm I just
6:41black can you just blacks even and
6:45it’s totally natural it’s not an interactive communication
6:49and it was a really well known naturopathic doctor the recommended this
6:53to me and I’m
6:54much and will not I’ll about it I really good for like a feeling anything home
6:59dreams to you yeah first draft anything your heart is coming on ggggg
7:04needs like just kinda here to hear it click Here
7:07numbers we don’t need to go all the way down to like
7:10on I don’t know after how do you notice the little it
7:14fly for I’m not even joking I started crying out by higher
7:18rules are we on for so bad engines like
7:21in between he put together happens if this plane crashes
7:26ok but did not leave a unique we need to know that you can handle it
7:30number first I could be wrong I thought
7:35ice warehouses in my in my this is sovereign
7:38silver glina brain both up on three income
7:42in both Britain and descriptions of a lot of different varieties
7:45even get at your help in store once again this is something they take it I
7:49feel like I’m getting
7:50bluish are sick just behind you really boost my immune system
7:54you can also put this in a spray bottle in Kenya missed
7:58the area that you’re sitting in because planes are just so what
8:01bill 1 I’m that’s why a lot of times you get no dick on your throat get a little
8:06bit sick because
8:07a lot of those areas don’t get cleaned and this is a great way to Canyon just
8:12aaron’s ace and need establish
8:15I’m germ-free little
8:18least for now and then if you get there and you end up being can expect this is
8:22something that will just come but the earnings
8:24system hope you get after after number my
8:28I what I like to do especially
8:31I need to you and off the plane a lot relatively human
8:35alive alive what all do in all through my hair up into a topknot
8:39top my head not the prettiest luck because I don’t have near
8:42left you pull it off like them past you really good top
8:46get into my faith and it’s not going to bother if you’re traveling put your head
8:50address this is Mimi battle yeah and then we take it down you can help all
8:53you have a little bit waived your hair is just gonna make
8:56here just like look a little bit more should together you know like
8:59at you cover girl moment yeah well like this is not a game like this
9:04but the last tapped I have to share with you guys
9:08is bringing a healthy snack can I sound like more
9:12mom right now wanna make sure that you’re trying to drink water dehydrator
9:16do everything you can to just really boost your heart with our
9:19fine situation Pierre also remember me
9:23eat and try to have some on hand healthy
9:26this is my k break now I’m bruised 15 protein bar
9:29non this is some programmer
9:32key I heart beat like boxes at a time from Amazon because
9:36ice somewhere by these air like your replacement for me
9:39they have been a 370 calories you’re basically getting
9:43what you would from i’m not spamming be paid today
9:47com this is only a reason and if he
9:50my kooky to hockey %uh like if I stop feeling breaking apart and there’s like
9:56choco and then it might turn out like 100 Angela
9:59and many more feel like a growth no cuz they’re already going to be kinda like
10:03slightly jet lagged or just outta bed and now
10:06I’m just gonna keep that in pay as much as possible that was the whole goal of
10:10this year
10:10who want to feel hey me he didn’t reply and %uh
10:14everything going on all our test thank you so much for watching everyone
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10:22looking to play and going to get the video that we’re doing her tells about
10:26his remark about
10:27all OVR beauty essentials beep beep beep
10:30Lumi Henschel well
10:33going to get out think you’ve got to get watching got it comes up if you want to
10:37see a more videos that the people next next time in
10:39and nyomi can even take your time and I had to go to Canada and actually
10:44I’m happy need I’ll what do not know that oh yeah
10:48to how did you come to Canada haven’t gotten thank you again for watching and
10:51I’ll see you at all
10:51on Expedia let a girl why