5 Things To Know Before You Travel In Vietnam


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0:14last six days I just and the beautiful and one country of Vietnam so many
0:29places people in the countryside and that outstrips supply gone when sold may
0:37come wit and just had a marvelous time so I’m show you what vietnam as light
0:50please what I just really
1:38is used to evacuate
2:16in the world
8:33so the whole traffic thing out there is unfortunately a number of people got
9:47their wallets and yes I want to keep your stuff and problems walking along
9:56the streets which sometimes I’m not sidewalks illiterate people on the phone
10:03people at the poorer developing City area so desperate to try to find ways so
10:14that those with the floor is that everything that vietnam is really one US
10:21dollar is equal to 20 $1,200
10:26not as much as you think because the typical $20,000 you can do people like
10:38grassley grabbed there’s no back
10:44kind of two americans generally do not take your money until a deal of life
10:55otherwise I had a story of a girl who took out $500,000 dog and the law in
11:02traffic and was like ok that’s the price of the countryside was a lot of people
11:11are so people don’t weigh 95 you will learn a lot more about the war in
11:23Vietnam War but there was an issue tunnels is basically what I watched a
11:35propaganda America and then I went to the long road to see you all soon area
11:43I’d never seen such things as a bit like the perspective to prospective yet I
12:02think the world was always nice to have everybody was so I like about it like
12:10that was in the past few things alright I thank you so much
12:24the button that
12:28at the time