5 travel tips for Rome, Italy


Complete Video Transcript

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1:42Google Maps to back around here PC
1:45to get a local SIM card you know walking to any phone shop
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2:02you’ll find all these look Taser on the street
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2:24other countries where you know they’re they’re all getting a bit shady looking
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2:34just just be careful home another tip you have people who come up to you in a
2:39restart dole picky with fifty
2:43peaches giving women flowers
2:46or so people sticks
2:49everywhere own though
2:53taken because deal come up to you and ask you for money
2:56like on the whole people will actually quite funny
3:00it very helpful lot although military
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3:07even don’t speak time
3:12be careful to raise prices
3:13you don’t have a gelato sometime during your visit
3:17be PU you had holiday
3:21talk an average gelato who leary’s
3:25I am small cup home about
3:28two-year-old any more than that saving anything more than
3:33Griffith base price it you know because the cost more but
3:37if anything more like you getting those trucks you see everywhere
3:40every per se in a child you for euros
3:44or disabled here
3:47yeah bottle home bottled water
3:50one used the average right large issues 23 caps
3:55just sticking out there you know he added he knew
3:58or ten-year-old Peter water
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4:06even prices the one that in tours
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