Amadeus cytric: hotel booking


Complete Video Transcript

0:07amadeus explains booking hotels
0:09with side
0:10me market the traveler
0:14needs to book
0:15a staff member in his company to do so
0:19month uses the travel arranger dashboard many booking options
0:23including a side trip travel was it good book speed will call frequent trips are
0:28available to both of them
0:29this time they choose the regular book a hotel options
0:34once things and to the destination and trip details
0:37side trip check to see if there are any conferences events all holidays
0:41at the same time or place if so the system alerts them about limited hotel
0:46room availability
0:47whore increased travel costs sorry trick displays the availability for more than
0:53240,000 hotels
0:55when using the global distribution system the rooms are booked in real time
1:00straight from the provider
1:01and with direct hotel they’re booked straight from the leading hotel booking
1:06and many more the offers can be displayed in various different views
1:13in easy mode sorted by price
1:16location the missus or categories
1:19all with a summary hugh on tabs based on such criteria
1:23the company travel policy to high prices or fully booked hotels
1:28on on top of all that sorry trick even shows options that are bookable offline
1:35to book the hotel mark can simply pick a favorite for the list automatic or start
1:39a new search for locations nearby to a specific company location
1:43the room prices can be selected based on category
1:48company rate special offers and prices with or without the ability to cancel
1:53also centric displays a price change for longer stays
1:57as well as included or extra services such as meals
2:00and always using the same day currency exchange rate
2:04ball comprehensive hotel descriptions and photos
2:07round out the picture to complete the booking process
2:11sidetrack automatically retrieves the travelers personal details
2:14and Clark pics the payment method more
2:17for the cooking options inside Rick can be adapted to the target goals of the
2:22ok so travel manager Lisa winter can easily set up travel policy alerts
2:27reason codes cost centers or approvals
2:30in the travel management system liza winter is delighted
2:35this way she can go into business travelers to make the right decisions
2:38in the best interest of the company landmark and the staff member real
2:44pleased with how smoothly
2:45and quickly the cooking process went hotel bookings website read: