Behind the Adventure – How to make cool travel videos


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0:00hey guys 3:30 in the morning we had a four hour drive ahead of us get to where
0:04we’re going and this is behind the adventure
0:10cheery and what we use it for to make our adventure movies
0:25operating where to go through our three main pieces of kit today
0:32first one is our stabilization here second one is our aerial kit and the
0:37last one is our time lapse rig and it’s all in this 25 kilogram backpack when
0:44they always do before we start any adventure is make sure the Glidecam is
0:47perfectly balanced he’s leader in the car with the doors closed so there’s no
0:51wind impacting it and that means it’s perfectly steady
1:21always created by the awesome for almost a pack rat the height and happy day we
1:36love these are we can cause if he’s not to carry tents and get to carry my
1:41camera gear you should have been here
1:43pensions so we were hoping to climb in town called tattoo upon which is over
1:50there as soon as he got here but as you can see it in instead I’m gonna show you
1:55what’s in the bag backpack and how we store all of her camera gear
2:24so first and probably most important piece of our gear is stabilisation it
2:29separates amateur looking video from nice cinematic type stuff so we have our
2:355d as well as I rode video mic mounted on top of a Glidecam hd2 thousand the
2:41thing is glued to me at all times and our first 30 videos are filmed with just
2:46this and the sixteen to thirty five-millimeter lands and that’s it I
2:51gotta let you in on the most important aspect of using a Glidecam it’s called
2:56the Glidecam shuffle and it’s not in the manual for what it does it prevent the
3:00bombing that you get from Roma walking
3:03you know
3:14the Glidecam has been our go-to for a long time super stable silversmith love
3:18it but we’ve been doing recently and this has become too unsafe so while we
3:23are now experimenting with is a wearable gamble that holds our GoPro ran out on a
3:28monopod which is actually just one of my tripod legs and it’s just like to gamble
3:32on the drawn it stays stable so you can do all kinds of stuff with it and stick
3:37it on different mounts we’ve just got this so we’re trying to do
3:59generally think I really like it it’s actually really be used it’s a lot later
4:05than the Glidecam and you get the three different shots as well as good as any
4:12distro the drone
4:14windier but you know the shot if you don’t try
4:21wouldn’t be the first time I drone crashed we’ve had a few crashes one
4:26destroyed drawn and just a few weeks ago we had it crashed on top of a mountain
4:32Dew lower camping out there pretty as you can see I’ve got no special packing
4:42for the drunkest reminds her bubble wrap up a recommended but it does seem to
4:50work even though we’ve got some cracks in our frame
4:58I never bothered to pack it in a big case because it just doesn’t fit into a
5:03backpack so we just wrap it up and hope for the best
5:06now so don’t use the little a drone
5:10becomes a little screws and that’s really stupid designed so we just put
5:15duct tape on it cuz it’s fast and easy and put it on and off to protect the
5:19props we just like a lens back box it had for the Canon lenses me to shut the
5:26blades in their work ok we just spent the last 15 minutes looking for this
5:33problem is the more stuff you have more things there are to lose got this really
5:39great amount for the screen on the controller’s 3d printed eBay and my mom
5:47made me a nice purple case where the screen to protect its actually got
5:50bubble wrap interwoven in the fabrics was just standing thanks mom so the
5:57reason I love the aerial so much is that they’re really great for perspective so
6:01when you gettin really super epic locations you can show where you are you
6:05can show all the scenery and it puts things in perspective as a perfect
6:09example if you’ve got a beautiful long ridge line goes all the way to the hot
6:13in with the drunk I get really far away from it to accentuate how dramatic the
6:17scenery is
6:57supporting role in the aerial filming are you hoping to launch the drawn and
7:04then I’m racing to get in position let him fly over me and then let them for
7:08the cues as best I can for and I need a walk and turn around and fine I used to
7:12carry things I just to propel my ass rubbing down these rocks so this might
7:18be my favorite pieces here this is among the most motion controller and our
7:23slider and this allows us to get motion control time lapses which look we’re
7:28really in seen the only downside is a task to set up and it heavy and it takes
7:34up a lot of states that the end of the day the fans all worth it because it
7:40comes with a cool video game controller it’s like a video game for your camera
7:44got a pretty good team here we’ve got good foreground detail in the dead trees
7:49in the Grass Valley below might have some good shadow movement across the
7:54crowd moving on to our next location which is something on the side of the
8:01highway so just set up its endpoint now have to move it to the start point that
8:08i can tell it to go and it’ll take a shot by shot by shot by shot by shot get
8:12perfect time I much tougher to do anything I decide to sit here and take
8:19some pictures it’s pretty easy it’s just all the setup takes forever now I just
8:24sit back and enjoy
8:34so we’re just going to some static time-lapse now closes in the mountains
8:39above the clouds these are ladies here to do so
8:51one thing that I wins but I try every time anyway
9:31not shooting the 16 thirty five-millimeter Landry’s the shooting
9:34with this 7200 telephoto it’s perfect for mountains people and focused balls
9:40and clips onto this handy backpack clip and will list all of the tools used in
9:48the description below and also include a link to the blog talking about our gear
9:52in more detail
9:53joint ventures let us know what you think in the comments below have any
9:59specific camera questions make sure to put them in the comments as well we read
10:02all comments thank you so much for watching guys the next adventure