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0:00Yellow Productions Presents!
0:03A travel guide for Beijing China. This video highlights the major tourist
0:07attractions of Beijing.
0:08In 10 minutes we’re going to cover the following sites: We’ll start by visiting
0:12Tiananmen Square the center the city and its most important landmark.
0:16We’ll then visit the Forbidden City, home to the imperial court
0:20during the Ming and Qing dynasties. We’ll then go to the Temple of Heaven
0:24the symbol and Beijing surrounded by a lovely park.
0:27at Wong Fu Jing Beijing’s most famous shopping street we’ll visit two culinary
0:32attractions. First we’ll visit
0:33Quanjude for Beijing’s best Peking Duck. Then we’ll walk on over to
0:39a night market for exotic snacks like scorpion and starfish.
0:42And we’ll conclude with the Great Wall of China
0:45which needs no introduction. But before we begin our tour
0:49I’ll start with a few introductory points on Beijing. First
0:52the air quality yes it can be bad. On the left is a good day
0:56and on the right is a bad day. The best time of year to visit for clean air
0:59is spring and fall, April-May, August and September.
1:02Next up transportation. Beijing is famous for its
1:06awful traffic. So don’t even think about getting a rental car.
1:09Actually as a foreigner you need a special license to even drive.
1:12The combination of light vehicles like bicycles and big vehicles like buses
1:17makes for some awful gridlock
1:19at many of Beijing’s intersections. The freeway isn’t much better.
1:22luckily Beijing does have a very good subway system
1:25that’ll take you most places that you wanna go as a tourist. Taxis are an option
1:29but the taxi drivers
1:30generally don’t speak English so make sure you have your destination
1:33written in Chinese. If you’re going someplace far away, a guided tour on a tour
1:37bus might be great option.
1:38This was our tour bus going to the Great Wall. The bus driver had a
1:42grasshopper for good luck. Final note on transportation,
1:45when you’re crossing the street be careful. Cars don’t really yield for
1:49pedestrians here.
1:50Just kinda pick a constant speed and try to walk
1:54and the cars will hopefully drive around you. Okay!
1:57Now on to our first sight. Tiananmen square, named after the Tiananmen gate to the
2:02Forbidden City to the north
2:03this is the world’s fourth largest square. It measures 440,000 square meters
2:09and it’s a great place to come to just people watch and take in the humanity here.
2:13The square is also home to several other important attractions including
2:17the National Museum of China and the daily flag raising and flag lowering
2:23here at the top of this flagpole. If you want to see the flag-raising you’ll have to get up
2:27because it happens before sunrise. Some days as early as 4:45 in the morning.
2:32Next up is the Forbidden City. It was home to 24 emperors.
2:36It is the world’s largest palace complex and has over 8000 rooms.
2:40The main entrance is just to the north of Tiananmen square
2:43underneath the portrait of Chairman Mao the palace got the name the Forbidden City
2:48because in the past no one was allowed to enter or leave without the Emperor’s
2:53But today, you can enter for the low low price of sixty
2:57renminbi. Just make sure you get here before four o’clock
3:00to buy your ticket. So after passing through three courtyards, saying no to about
3:0510 tour guides
3:06saying no to 5 art students who want me to go to their art exhibition and not
3:09buying about twenty books that are put in front of me
3:12standing in line for ten minutes to get my ticket finally inside
3:16the Forbidden City. Now I know why they call it Forbidden.
3:19I feel like I’ve just run the gauntlet in American Gladiators.
3:22But let’s go check it out!
3:26With 8886 rooms to explore
3:29a visitor can be in here for a long time. If you’re just visiting some of the main
3:33squares and significant buildings, you could probably walk through it in about 2-3
3:37hours. But if you wanna visit some of the other museums and exhibits then allocate
3:41the better part of the day.
3:42Once you exit you can head up to this observatory at Jingshan Park
3:47and get a bird’s eye view of the massiveness of the palace.
3:51it’s really quite amazing! The Temple of Heaven is a popular attraction for both
3:57locals and tourists alike.
3:58It’s a park and a temple and you have to buy a ticket
4:02to go in. At the ticket office there are two different tickets available
4:05one for park entrance and the other one, the through ticket
4:08for 35 renminbi that’s the one you want to get that brings you into the park
4:12and the temple
4:14of heavenly heavenness. The surrounding park is also a lovely place to go for a
4:18a sit or to play majjong with some of your closest Beijing friends.
4:22Quanjude is China’s most famous Peking Duck restaurant.
4:27One of their main locations is located on
4:30Wangfujing, the main street in Beijing. It is a five-story restaurant that seats
4:35a ton of people. The menu is quite extensive
4:39but the main attraction of course is the “Beijing kaoya.”
4:42Or the “Peking Duck.” Like any good duck restaurant when you order your
4:47Beijing Kaoya
4:48the chef comes out with a cart in front of your table
4:51and carves it right in front of you. The Peking duck is served in a few different ways:
4:55the skin here is served with sugar.
4:59that you dip the skin in the sugar. The rest of the meat with the
5:03skin here is served with the pancakes and the
5:06green onions and the hoisin sauce. The first one being made for you by the
5:11And as an extra bonus they also bring out the
5:14duck head on a plate so you know it came from a whole duck.
5:19The final course is a bowl of duck soup.
5:23Which tasted kind of like chicken soup only more duck like.
5:27And finally they also provide a card that has a serial number
5:31up the duck that you ate.
5:34The Donghuamen night market is in
5:37Wangfujing off the main street. Here is a collection of over a hundred
5:41specialty snacks from all over China. Though the predominant food seems to be
5:46on a stick. But you can get special things like scorpion on a stick
5:50or snake on a stick. Some of the other tasty specialties here include
5:55starfish, sheeps penis, centipede, silkworm
5:59stinky tofu, crabs, bird’s nest
6:03noodles, dim sum, potstickers
6:06pan fried dumplings, iced tea and soy milk to wash it all down
6:10and for dessert deep-fried ice cream. And now our final destination
6:15the Great Wall of China. And the first thing you need to know about visiting
6:19the Great Wall of China
6:20is because it is several thousand kilometers long
6:23there are multiple different locations that you can visit
6:26of the Great Wall. In fact from Beijing there
6:30are 8 different locations. One of the most popular is Badaling,
6:34but I think the best one to avoid the crowds is
6:37Mutianyu. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall is located about 45 miles
6:42northeast of Beijing.
6:43And is known for its sweeping and panoramic views.
6:47So the best way to get up to the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall is to take the
6:51Cable Car or Ropeway. There’s two, one takes you to the Tobbagon
6:55and this one takes you up to the highest part. 65 Yuan for
6:59the round trip. Looks to be pretty
7:04Hear we go!
7:15The rather nice thing about visiting this part of the wall
7:21is because its lesser visited than Badaling, its relatively
7:24tourist free. So you really feel like having the wall
7:27almost all to yourself. Though to walk the Great Wall
7:31you do have to be able to take some challenging sections and some steep
7:34slopes and also some steep staircases
7:37this is one of the nicer ones but make sure you watch out because there are
7:42guardrails if you’re not careful you might fall off!
7:45So this is an example of one of the staircases.
7:49As you can see, pretty steep, and the handrails
7:53pretty low. I don’t know about you I don’t know that anyone is that short
7:57A pretty cool thing about this part of the Great Wall
8:01are the watchtowers. I’m inside one of them now. You can see another little one down
8:05You can pretend you were a person here in China shooting arrows
8:10at the Mongolians invading.
8:14This particular tower number
8:1714 was actually used as a command center.
8:20Pretty high tech! Though the staircases
8:24up the watchtowers those are the most treacherous and only
8:27for the most adventuresome but I’m pretty adventuresome
8:47It’s like the top of the world and from the top of the watchtowers is where you’ll
8:51get some of the most rewarding views.
8:53You might even catch somebody getting married on the Great Wall
8:57of China. Thanks for watching click here to subscribe!
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