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Complete Video Transcript

0:05hello my name’s smacked n
0:07and welcome to Just introduction of fresh fish in master when you first
0:12anticipation master
0:13you be an ass a question whether you want to create a stempel database
0:18select Yes and a small database
0:22Mon lonche and a couple of pressure patience is created
0:27much a database is created you of course want to make some changes
0:33selector dissipation then you can edit using the button
0:38from the File menu are from the pop-up menu
0:43there is sufficient I like will be displayed
0:46now lets a change to remember safe
0:51and your changes made to create a new ownership asian massage acquire DC
0:58click on a day drag it across
1:02and release the mouse button find a gas
1:07or create a new one all the dates
1:13room number are and don’t safe
1:16and your reservation it’s great that all the editing functions available
1:23at this book inches are also available from della taps
1:27you have to today’s guest them deer rifles
1:31departure you occupancy you occupancy listener mark Frenchy for duration
1:37you can change the date and this will update the list
1:42but now let me show you tickle and a few aka Lana fusion option available and a
1:48you will not the occupancy levels highlighter and various colors
1:53you can select the day and your room available and the market but will be
1:58displayed on your right hand side
2:00you can also edit Irish patients from here
2:04want your database get more populated
2:09like I’m showing and the sample here
2:12you will get up a good idea on York pencil Eva for the whole year
2:18now let’s have a quick look at your customer list
2:23select the Custom analyst at at a new customer from here
2:27and other customer details and safe
2:32a customer centered on to the list you can select a customer
2:37added to guest you can also blacklisted guess
2:42Highland displayed botsford information
2:45once you’re done safely blacklisted guess I highlighted in red on this list
2:52and also on your booking sheet when generating and fortune may want to add
2:59some products ticklish
3:00product information is available from the product information menu
3:04you can find a product using the product finder
3:09and at the Miss nache changed prosch
3:13shape this information and use it in the air
3:18enforces the pro version as tax and benefit of having a product ap
3:22which lists all the products available in your establishment
3:25can edit this product from here as well
3:29to protrusion all set to benefit
3:36of having a layout few now the layout fuel
3:40will display your layup this is a bit bat file which you can
3:44select from conflagration now if the bed month polish not selected then this
3:50layout tap will actually not be displayed
3:52so make sure you select this layout from your configuration
3:57now unlock and you can
4:00place to my cash which initially are on your left hand side
4:03to where they belong the Macker psychology yet being for occupied
4:09yellow for being occupied
4:12once you finish placing your
4:17markers locket
4:20and a remain in place
4:23you can also editor dissipation died from here
4:27not a final tab available in proliferation army is Jess Clarke great
4:35if it is not being displayed you can activate this from configuration
4:40you doing require a true knowledge of SQL in order to use to step
4:45but to display what it does I enter
4:49if a cymbal crash a year select on record from the cash names
4:53opened SQL and this will display all the records
4:57STR in the cash name