Cheap and Clean Hotel on Walking Street Pattaya P72


Complete Video Transcript

0:00we’re on walking street during the day and I want to show you
0:19hotel to respect bang in the middle walking street directly opposite sides
0:29that pays to be 2011 early trips to Pattaya I want to be as close to the
0:33action is possible they simply to certainly is that they simply to hotel
0:38has a fairly large foyer nothing to flash nothing too fancy just walked in
0:44off the street not the light even have a look at some rooms and how much she
0:47pulled out these katya guide me for options standard one for 650 watt data
0:52to 750 by superior 150 baht and the deluxe 1,500 baht which is in a new
0:59building don’t know where that new building he’s not even have a look but I
1:03think it’s too far away there is an elevator us 98 guy running out for flood
1:08stage fright at three in the morning is the very much studying at the end of the
1:12corridor overlooking will look at that one shortly
1:16rooms are clean I certainly pasta did for angst and it’s the old school
1:21television and I remember the first thing I had done was report that brand
1:24blanket throw at the Hess Cape insight Kate that until I leave had no need for
1:29it look a little scruffy and didn’t want to go on around me room closing I don’t
1:38think I have an aide to state peaceably to again he’d stay here and it was
1:43exactly what I wanted at that time the room right in the middle walking
1:47straight have moved on to greener pastures since then have a good study in
1:53baghdad peaceably to you was good to me don’t expect the luxury bathroom but it
1:58is satisfactory due to its central location it might be impossible to
2:03escape the noise of walking straight and he surrounds until the early hours of
2:06the morning
2:06obviously the food the bacterium is the quarter it’s going to be but like I said
2:11June with central location of timing
2:13my proved impossible at this exact remorse dating a mention in my paper
2:18watching video we’re all sitting in a staight in a room overlooking walking
2:22straight this is it the entrance also doubles as a fire escape the room is
2:26broken into two rooms with the bathroom on the road in the bedroom on the left
2:30with the fire escape running right through the middle that gave me two days
2:33before the fire escape tool and another for the slaughtering bedroom door in the
2:37case before you have the whole peace 72 hotel guests and staff running through
2:42your room will you’ll meet thrust is diffused and onto walking straight with
2:46Lucifer directly opposite that no one is quite entertaining when I stayed in his
2:52room was lit the curtains open had lots and music pumpin through the windows and
2:56I loved every second of it before escaping a little bit paranoid doesn’t
3:03look to fix all these years later
3:08does lock but I think if you pull it hot enough does report open to get these
3:11room make sure you lock the door to his living room as well
3:16dance stage in the bar and restaurant pool table they think they have a live
3:20band playing as well most nights over there on the left
3:23basically to place to sit down and have a meal or drink on walking street do
3:29some people watching
3:32basically tried it on the wall street into lucifer thanks for watching hope
3:42you like that video as normal a huge thumbs up
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3:55I love it when I get comfy in some more videos and remember this has been
4:01another date for rang production