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Complete Video Transcript

0:03the same re just sit on the corner of Mina
0:05no amber 3
0:08down below market gonna beautiful in print right of a
0:13may not work correctly allows you to on your car in New
0:16RAM Emma the other across but otherwise you’re right here
0:25part across from where I believe is for the big question
0:30corporate hotel
0:33go over there and samaria have more room in hell
0:38continental on the way right across from here before an offensive yards here but
0:42when the garden
0:48not from a going fender nude Convention Center
0:51the location you’re just really act on the court has been reserved for very
0:56more principal know but then again gonna be done here for convention
1:01spending money no you don’t left another man early on so
1:06mother feel great about it them beautiful
1:08meeting room
1:10I’m is also a resident group after all a high-rise
1:14and your perfect term
1:16is all residents uniform
1:22beautiful tone great staff thing the inside over
1:27Saint Regis which is really
1:30beautiful hotel were down by the Moscone Center
1:38Murray really him
1:41third Street out there in the front I’m a cornerman up
1:51ever bar over here
2:06beautiful marble turkey up the meeting rooms
2:13wonderful sculptures architectural style sculptures
2:22over this will use the museum the africans the spinor
2:25which is very cool
2:29beautiful property from walking down the street here too
2:33get my car normie great architectural detail from the building I’m almost
2:38forgetting that is right next door
2:39to the Museum of Modern Modern Art the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art week
2:44you know a manger major institution here in the city
2:48the right next door on the par-5 miss him
2:51a fifth of great museum
2:55whose be
2:56W hotel collected for the W
3:00intercontinental think regions
3:06the West them
3:07more modern tower