good Vdara Las Vegas DETAILED Hotel Room review 2014


Complete Video Transcript

0:01this the 27th for room 008 Katie cards
0:06and urine
0:09wanting to slide new there soon as you walk in
0:14you have the Do Not Disturb sign here so it’s not paper session electronic
0:19human I smear here there’s no warping that’s solid you can see
0:25sorry right before you leave you can see what you look like
0:28there’s an event up their solid wood the laws a wallpaper not paint which is
0:33always nice
0:34the flooring over here it seems like it I the marble or granite can see the
0:39luxurious marble
0:40splashed all over here
0:43so as soon as you walk in you going to get your kitchen
0:46it’s very small its kinda meeting if you want to bring the table here
0:50but in here you have a wet bar I don’t open it up cause I know I gotta pay
0:54money for that
0:55this is a hot play area mind if I put something here
1:01and start cooking a boy thing and it’s a full-size Mike rage
1:07nine bring something from outside UN heated up the option is there it’s just
1:10nice feature
1:11bar to slice a pizza yesterday when he turned up
1:15you know who’s coming over here lotta college kids you have a deep sink
1:19inserted the shade is also garbage disposal she’s turned on by
1:23pressing this switch I’m lots of space if you want to cut fruits and vegetables
1:32you have more storage space if you want a story thing there’s a garbage can
1:36here you have
1:40cutlery drawers spoons forks and knives
1:43its empty right now and again morse
1:47storage area up here we have more storage area I just pull is Listerine up
1:52as far to hide it I wanna show you measured stock get more storage area
1:57hair so you’re staying here for a week or so
2:01and you like to meet at home you want to cook your own stuff you can bring your
2:04own utensils and so on I think you can ask downstairs
2:07I don’t know how that works so this is your cash in as soon as you I can walk
2:11when you comin over here in this room this is obviously the main
2:15living area there living room size bedroom
2:18by soon as you walk in you have your table here this is supposed to be the
2:21dining table
2:22it could also be a poker table for your buddies if you’re in college
2:25are you could sit down and do business here just casual business
2:29and of course you can have your kids are here and they wanna play a board game
2:34like Monopoly and so on
2:35there’s only so much kids can do another option is you can bring your Nintendo
2:39like I did if you had your nephews and niece president which I do
2:42go in
2:49I can bring some video games cause everything hooked up
2:52to this TV two-way connectivity panel in here
2:55backs open this up right here we have a collectivity panel
3:00but you can see the cake to meet her no iPod iPhone HDMI
3:04composite s-video there’s power cable again washed oration she actually
3:09and down here we have once again more stories if you brings
3:13lotta stuff like loading people do child families and kids and you know what a
3:18sorry organize everything again we have more storage space rate then
3:22so %uh that basically does it for the TV
3:25the game stuff right behind me there is a
3:29fo closet
3:35some very tall closet I like the fact that has high ceilings is probably about
3:39ten-foot ceilings here here’s a closet its letter which is very nice and night
3:44I have delayed right now but it was dark you can see everything
3:47there no ropes in this closet but it says rooms available by request he can
3:51get them
3:52yes a nice hangers here this is nice saw so it doesn’t even impression on your
3:57jacket or your choice and %um washer spacehab hit a bunch of hangers
4:01if you have business shirts you have you for lying border you have your I’m
4:06secure business meeting you ready to go had no idea what this is for but they
4:11have it so if you know it’s for you needed you got it
4:13or yet another thing there is a safe radio digital safe
4:17so she have a business meeting you’re reading
4:20to go now here we have our bed
4:24there’s a nice huh lamp over here on either side
4:28right elbow the pillow
4:31you heard the Nightside reading meant that you turn on display here
4:36so that’s very nice if you want to read a book at me
4:40Great Mall built into the bed that’s for his
4:43nets for hearst but there was just a buddy slash poker table desk or for your
4:48kids to take a monopoly
4:49here’s where you can work yes some business to take your right you can make
4:53phone calls
4:54some drawer you know your notebook a very nice modern style lamp
5:00incredible some nice are green everything is black and white slash
5:04shocking but the green make some really nice
5:06right here you have a couch you have two lamps on either side what I would do is
5:11pick up this carriage which is what I’m going to do prepared
5:14this way so I can have this you at night and you can have a drink or two with
5:18your body or if you’re with your wife
5:20just hang out with her just check out the phones right behind me to be larger
5:26here is a very nice wide-angle view that
5:29is no idea why they don’t tolerate their that
5:32is the buzz your phones repair
5:46you can see there’s a lot of space here adequately fill
5:49in okay not let me show you thereabouts on
5:57wood-paneled recession glass panel but gross word
6:00sliding door here again be have either granite or marble
6:05can write here is another full wall mirror
6:09this season
6:12open closet as soon as you walk into the bottom right here you have
6:16hangar space can hang things more stories up there
6:19what I love about this Matulis the time it’s a huge tub
6:24it’s a detailed as well that’s really deep
6:39right here you have your towels towel rack
6:43he had just killed grass killer release and you have a a
6:47stand-up slash sit-down shower to newt how was his nurse
6:50batman is on the back and I take it down right here in the shower
6:55there’s a shower take %um BR treasuries
7:01there’s the shower head and runnin from the
7:07through new I mean the shower you have you tried it alike are you there is no
7:14glass door for privacy when you’re in the time it can be very nice wallpaper
7:17there’s a phone right by the time it if you need something
7:22here’s your encounter sink
7:27modern style your tissue paper
7:33and of course you articulating make up there
7:37in it is Mitt
7:41second to none i think is so good to give you look like a pill container
7:47but its chest and scope nothing on down here
7:52know it’s nice to him in this stupid Saint gets in your way and this is the
7:56entire vanity
8:05so that does it for the bathroom
8:12karol at about 9:15 a.m.
8:17you 30 2012 pride morning
8:23it’s very windy here things
8:27and that basically sums up to review on their hotel room over Dara
8:39this is the view from the room at night Northern Lights her
8:52there are the people are you hurt is running every
8:59any close the video with their 1980 this you’re going tonight
9:03like I really came in the time is correct
9:07but he’s banking