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0:01well greens this is trade from online PC lending dot com
0:04this is an I did you cheat Oreo for a future project in fact that the if you
0:08project showing how
0:10to develop the concept that we have here it’s an application that is put together
0:14that will manage
0:15booking your brains in fact you could use this poor anything from rosters to
0:20to room bookings to whatever you want to show
0:23in I can’t type Chad now show you the
0:26application he he we go to the booking page we were talking new rims
0:31now this is very different because what we have is a center-right
0:35your carved out here that spans one month
0:38and to move forward or back we dined actually
0:41made across the sheet we just change Addai to the top
0:45and add information changes so we can get back a week
0:49we can get forward awake anywhere in time
0:53what it’s doing is looking up the information from a data set
0:57and it doesn’t matter how big a data set is because with totaling the data set
1:01to between these two diets and then leaping through inputting information on
1:05the sheet
1:05now you could be something similar to this by using the sumproduct formula
1:11and also conditional formatting however this is done tightly with cake and the
1:16reason for that is
1:16I don’t just want to showed me the the times at the Brookings a clear
1:22what I want to do is to be able to edit them so I wanna be I would click on
1:26any booking go up and say look up booking and have the dodder Appiah up
1:30here at the top
1:31and then be able to edit that booking site if we had a look at this booking
1:35here for
1:36tax laws and we wanted to change it from nineteen guys
1:39dante’s site 15 or even less dante 10 dies
1:44we were just click the button here in Chi it booking
1:47an annual night is that his booking is changed and to that number
1:50dies we built in a lot of eighties into this to stop by the booking for instance
1:55if we went in
1:55and 1at Chinese booking 222 guys which is an
1:59overbooking well and we push then edit the booking
2:02it tells us there’s a duplicate value in rainfall live with this booking
2:07has four guys I booked on what is going to do is tight the booking back out and
2:11replace it with the original piece a doddle and do it
2:14so weak I K and everything is left has it once
2:17so that will happen whether we’re going back in time I’ll forward in time
2:21the different colors here represent the
2:24different types a booking is that we had so we have hit a clause in a gang
2:29well let’s try this travel Westwood began to look up his booking
2:32and we’re going to change it from paid to
2:35unconfirmed and then existent booking
2:39and united to change to ya hear all this is done with cake by leaping through the
2:44data now
2:45this good how 50 30,000 raisa Dada
2:48but how are we going to do that to stop and stop the leak from just going to
2:52slow in flowers like all the way we do is we
2:55filter the data first between the guy values that we see here
2:59on she’d so let’s just have a look at a couple more pages that we have here
3:05that will enable us to be I would idiots we can start by choosing
3:10any month says things which is the man site a break
3:13it will take us through and Jess shouting information for that month
3:16back to January notta lotta daughter in here at the mine and my activities in
3:20January 2014
3:22and then went with a weak and got back a week or forward a week
3:26but everyone you can keep going forward if you wish white matter
3:30all it’s doing is sleeping too and finding those values in fighting in
3:34this set of data on this sheet by changing
3:37the dikes at the top that we have been seeing in aq had
3:41well now it’s I wish to date
3:45a booking we might have it that we keep make it canceled if we wanted by going
3:50this is being cancelled in requested to go into this and make sure it can so we
3:54need to go look it up first
3:56and then we would changes to cancelled
3:59the booking is being cancelled on and we ate at the booking
4:03now will change color to cancel but if we wanted to delete this booking
4:07which we might have to do to make it a viable for someone else to come in here
4:11all we just simply do is push the late booking and the booking will be taken at
4:16up the data set
4:17to add a new booking well that he is the existing values that we got in here
4:22there’s a booking in neighboring 9
4:24excite the booking is going to be for the nineteen this time
4:27when he is the same information yeah
4:32nineteen there we go I and we can then add
4:35a new booking for rain 19 so we had a new booking
4:39and there it is it appears in a now if we want to change lenses that had to do
4:43one I let’s go in here grab this booking
4:46and will go up and look it up again and worse I we want to change his booking
4:49from room 19
4:51three-room will it fit we gotta put it somewhere or guys at
4:55it’s going to be out of it in the rain 5 so ago it will change it to mean five
4:59and then cause we can just it at booking
5:02and it will appear up here very versatile all we’re doing is moving data
5:06I’m going to show you how it all works right now
5:12or just one other feature I thought I should point out team of eight is really
5:16if you may buy ditty the analysis sheet whatever daddy you’ve got here
5:20we’re going to give you up costing on so he’s our analysis sheet
5:23and whatever data shows that was showing you a title up the diets
5:27and how much you making on each will impact on on every way impaired I
5:31and then a course over the whole month period so we may that data port here net
5:37that we get back awake for instance and then we go either to an analysis sheet
5:41once a gang
5:42at doubt I will have changed and I think it will represent that
5:45he is a child at the top to show the values from each day
5:49now an errand if I shape we also have to look up we can put in its not died in
5:53the end I
5:54and it will give us the values and every room in the profit or the 10 I did a
5:58train is made
5:59during that period whatever value we select
6:02if we put into here let’s look at that booking here
6:05and we put in Henry palatable
6:09automatically an invoice is created for him he is the invoice made up with all
6:12the data
6:13from his booking say we can just quickly print that off
6:16if we won get back here which is another client
6:20which is Trevor Westwood look at his information
6:23and automatically his invoices created over here
6:26so nice little fate is really we’re just looking at data together they had
6:31you can’t as I take you through the sheets you can see them all working
6:34right re to identify sheet here that looks up between cuts
6:39now the whole thing works very simply I’ll show you the basis for
6:43what it does is we have had %ah to being sent here as we add new data
6:46which he did from the bookings page it is said in that he had to add data set
6:51then when we set the guidelines we come over here and filter the diet
6:55and once we floated the dye that’s all we lead through the filter the
7:00which means it will work the same speed no matter how much data
7:04we had in the data set that’s awesome when you think about it
7:08so what I think will do with this is
7:11will put it up in a series I show you had to grab the gotta
7:15adult children and then a course had a setup that basic
7:19analysis to get at that isn’t here now really what we’ve done is we just put 19
7:24I wish I had put them all in and he is the lookup
7:28to pop them up into here so they’re probably be a few tutorials
7:31in this and that many interesting things to learn
7:34this is trade from online PC laying a comment thank you very much for
7:37listening once again and I do hope you having a really great day
7:41so bye for now