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Complete Video Transcript

0:00hi there thanks for checking out of hotel booking
0:03to if this is your first time hearing about this team that you just quickly
0:08but the team is all about each be too is an app team that allows you to showcase
0:12and manage your hotel
0:14the team comes with a fully functional booking form that enables visitors to
0:18book a room
0:19without you needing to lift a finger booking bridget’s
0:23are available on the homepage and
0:27in the sidebar bought these widgets
0:31leads to the booking form visitors will leave
0:35most of their information he 32 has been improved greatly compared to the
0:42previous a ser
0:43however their are two aspect which are probably the most important
0:48the responsiveness and the Booking Calendar the original team looked good
0:53but not on mobile devices he’s B two is looking to fix that but it’s responsive
0:58if I resized is prozor window you can see
1:02all elements adapting to the new screen size
1:05in the second most important new feature
1:13is the Booking Calendar to counter allows you
1:16and your visitors to clearly see which rooms are free
1:20and which aren’t once they locate an available date
1:26it easy to proceed with the booking process
1:29in this calendar we can see which states are available
1:33desired degree in dates and which are not available
1:37the writ dates then mmm
1:43this is the devolution dashboard dilution is the main plug in this boring
1:48hb2 the plugin is filled with advanced features
1:53so we highly suggest you watch the devolution overview video
1:56the section you’re seeing now
2:01is that devolution add-on called booking system the booking system allows you to
2:05do cool things like edit your emails and notifications
2:14you can also tweak
2:19seasonal prices for each have your rooms
2:22you can do that
2:27here both speaking the rooms
2:33in this section
2:39in this add new room section you at your
2:42new rooms here
2:45you can set the title of the room the description
2:50you can upload images you can set
2:56prices tax
2:59and bunch of other stuff to wrap up this video
3:04let’s do a simple booking and demonstrate how it all works
3:08in our booking calendar
3:12we concede that this my first room
3:16is available from the 21st
3:19to the 23rd so let’s elect
3:2421st 23 in
3:44and let’s check out
3:53in the back and we concede is booking under booking
4:03and it’s right here to approve the booking we open it
4:07in here under booking status:
4:11jus approved let’s update the post
4:21if I Reloaded is Booking Calendar choose
4:26my first room we can see
4:29that the dates are now taken I hope you like the improvements made in hotel
4:37to if you’d like to know more about the team contact us
4:41at anytime as always thanks for watching