Hotel Review: Novotel, Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Complete Video Transcript

0:06when no the chip is
1:10welcome to room 510
1:13Novotel Hotel
1:16in Sheffield city centre me for one night
1:21her to oppose and wiggle room for 79 pounds which is room only
1:27which is not cheap
1:31boat then again Sheffield isn’t a cheap place to stay
1:34we do have a fairly decent size room
1:37usual Novotel
1:41good quality high standard high spec
1:44for nations so wetzel what we’ve got
1:48so we had a the usual long over told us
1:52which is go wheels on 1&2 with around flat screen TV
1:58and look which
2:01ahold adjuster and done that near the way in
2:05is the fridge and tea and coffee making facilities on the same
2:10beneath it with the storage cupboard on the day that
2:13but it’s a good size double
2:17probably a king size bed would say
2:21national pillows so on many extras
2:25and they’re a plug sockets
2:28visible socket on that side of the bed but not that side of the bed
2:33but they’re all the plug sockets around the room
2:36to behind the lamp over that for example and
2:41wander here
2:44which means that if you’ve got things to church that you’ll be fine
2:48I am and his little tape
2:51on the back of the two you know inside but really if you can see that
2:56is omitted seat or not but there’s a USB
3:00Palazzo also judge the USB things you can do it through television
3:05so let’s have a look in the bathroom so I got these nicer
3:09well-paid those so there’s a
3:12the long bus and shower
3:16and said this is identical to the bathroom
3:19that we had when I stopped at Nortel enginee the
3:24soaps and the gels the and his the year ski slope crazed
3:33on the next to that is the shower which is an
3:39love routes to put down on
3:44mustn’t just something that people with mobility issues by
3:49want to be aware of for hold on to the strategy and then out to
3:54that assembly textured surface
3:57known that some resolution I wouldn’t call it a non-slip
4:00so as well
4:05no hotel rooms the talk about is separate to log onto that
4:09and its second but just to point out that we have a condition
4:13holes so we’ll be around
4:16to the talk to the media at the usual Novatel
4:20toilet cubicle which I’m not keen on these because there’s no single as I
4:25said before
4:26is no hygiene so people will use the toilet and then they will use the door
4:31on the other side obviously all
4:35with the notion that happens then that’s massive
4:38John services not not so
4:41a car on the someone over telephone
4:43is also unless surrealist over should have a small
4:47time it has fallen washing sink in call should roll over tells
4:52senior management at tyco if you are watching this
4:55then alone but this is the last thing I got to say
5:00who’ve done the reason wonderful full-length mirror
5:04opposing from tel before you leave
5:08we’re off to kill I want to sample fantastic real ales
5:13I’ll be back laters
5:16just to point out the I asked for a room on a high floor with a view
5:20ivory 100 floor on the fifth floor but this is the view
5:25which i think is something to do with student halls of residence or something
5:29like that
5:29not really want to view though is it