Hotelogix Hotel Management System Overview – Hotel Reservation Systems


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hi there this video is an overview on hotel logics
0:03complete new hospitality and hotel management system
0:06that is being used by small and midsize hotel properties
0:09across the globe in over 35 countries worldwide
0:13so will log on to this trial account and I’ll give you a quick run through on it
0:19you can actually go on to www dot hotel logic Starcom
0:23and quickly set up a trial account for yourself you can take a 15-day free
0:28no credit card needed you just need a basic PC and an Internet connection
0:33she start using this system so you just put in the security code
0:37and law game
0:40so the first thing that comes up is open new cash counter
0:43this is similar to a cash till or register
0:46this is where you put in all your money so this keeps track a few transactions
0:51and all the monies go here I’ll select a new cast counter
0:55and click Continue so what we see next is the front desk
0:59the heart and core of the system this is a centralized solution which has a
1:03number of things
1:04and we’ll see that all these operations converge here
1:09this is a night audit alert not a relevance at the moment the front desk
1:14is the reservation chart your hotel it’s a snapshot of the hotel for a month
1:19its a monthly starting February 16 2010
1:24too much 18 2010 it’s a 31 debut
1:28and dates right here on top and the rooms and room types in this column
1:33here and their you see the status is a
1:37the rooms on different dates and the colours of course indicate
1:40what a room is on on what status the right now there are not many bookings
1:46since it’s a demo came out the interface actually lets you work on this
1:50reservation charges
1:51directly I mean you can actually draw you bookings here
1:55so let me just click on the check in date and dragged towards the check-out
2:00there’s a reservation but
2:03is getting created and a quick reservation form
2:06has popped up
2:09I can select the number adults on children here
2:12I can now job so I can have the great
2:16that I want to book this reservation on so these are the rates that you can set
2:21up again
2:22on your %uh depending on your what was already
2:26so these are the rates that you might have set up for your hotel
2:29so we have all meal plans bed and breakfast
2:33all we have room only rates so this bed and breakfast at selected
2:37then I put in the name of the guest so the moment I start typing
2:41it’ll automatically pull out yet
2:48up there’s history it’s automatically pulled up here
2:53so this is actually available across everywhere a
2:57wherever you have to put in the guests me and that you confirm the reservation
3:01I just hit reserved that’s it that’s how simple it is
3:05and their the reservation was just sage successfully here
3:10and just like you see the reservations
3:14here you can do a lot other operations by clicking on these bookings
3:18so I can right click and I can edit details at this booking will open in a
3:23or I could go to maybe another booking that I’m working simultaneously on
3:28even though it’s a web-based system and I’m on a normal regular connection
3:33you notice that you can be working on multiple bookings
3:38at the same time this can be single bookings
3:42travel agent bookings corporate bookings and the quake functions like the room
3:48today’s checking list and the payment trackers and the chancel reservations
3:52all available here and let me tell you the most complex transactions on front
3:57can be managed here with eats I can like
4:02job say I want to move a reservation to a new room type
4:05I just have to click on it & Racquet and it’ll ask me
4:09do you want to really move this reservation I’ll say yes
4:12and there you go okay the reservation is open
4:16so it will actually take care of things like if the reservations open
4:19it’ll warm me so let’s close this booking course and now try to movements
4:31and we have this booking on a new room type and you rates
4:36so we have housekeeping here
4:41we have sample restaurant we have web booking engine that is integrated
4:45which you can access from here safe you go to a hotel lodge its %uh com
4:49and set up a trial account you will find web reservation here
4:52and then let me just %uh show you what it looks like actually
4:56see if I click here I’ve already kept it open for you using this Web reservation
5:00this you can actually put on your website
5:03it’s a neutral color which you can change as per your requirement and if I
5:08create a booking here
5:09it will automatically go to your front desk you housekeeping
5:13you have the points to seal which is touchscreen enable
5:17Letty we have a restaurant yes so
5:20this already has multiple tabs open on it these are all
5:23orders that are running and we have tables here right here on top
5:27I can be running orders on tables again generate orders
5:32and we have a new order
5:36or I
5:37be going back to the main screen and doing room service so only the rooms
5:41that are checked in
5:42would show up here yep
5:49so it’s an extremely intuitive interface
5:52what you’ll see here you can have your restaurants you housekeeping
5:56you wet bookings you travel agents incorporates that you work with
6:00you channel management your accounts everything taken care of
6:04through the system so this was a quick breach
6:09initial look at the system that I tried to give you now
6:12I hope you would take the time to go through the videos that will detail
6:16out each of these features and areas that may be of interest to you
6:20thanks for your time goodbye