How To Become A Travel Writer (Seriously)


One is likely to come across two kinds of travel writers: one who just talks about it and the other who takes actions in order to achieve it. A lot has been said as to how one should BECOME a travel writer. Well, there’s no one-step equation that can make you a noteworthy travel content writer. If you love travelling and keep nurturing your writing skills, no one can stop you from flourishing into a renowned travel writer, may be even like Bill Bryson! Who knows? Stop dreaming and start achieving today, by following these simple steps:

Travel Writer
Travel Writer

Read, Research and Look For Stories Everywhere

Before becoming a travel writer, one must focus on establishing oneself as a writer first. And that is where the reading and researching part comes into play. Hundreds of travellers write about their experiences, what will make yours stand out in the crowd? Your impeccable writing skills. So, read on and never stop and research as well.

Also, travelling only to “exotic places” will not make you an extinguished travel content writer. Remember, to be able to write about your travels, you need to have heart-warming memories and experiences first.

Establish Yourself As A Travel Writer

This is probably the most interesting and crucial part of your journey to becoming a travel writer and landing one of your desired travel freelance content writing jobs. Travel writing doesn’t necessarily mean only writing reviews and guides. You can redefine your way of writing and make your mark in your travel content writing job. That doesn’t stop there. Create an attention-grabbing blog and network offline as well as online. Which means, social media marketing and working with local newspapers or magazines. This will help you build a convincing portfolio.

Write Travel Experiences
Write Travel Experiences

Commit Yourself Entirely

Half-hearted efforts seldom end in success. So, if you are seriously aiming to see yourself as an established travel content writer in a travel content writing job, then you must pull up your socks and commit to it. What I mean by that is to be prepared for rejections as that is an imminent and even an important milestone in your journey. Never stop learning and if required, invest in a travel writing or travel photography program. And most importantly, be professional in your work.

Enjoy Your Work

Lastly, and very importantly, if you don’t find happiness in the struggle leading up to becoming a distinguished travel writer, then this might just not be your calling. You must enjoy your work as much as you enjoy travelling. Travel writing may sure sound like an absolutely stress-free job but it isn’t, ideally. Not in your initial years, at least. But, don’t give up and keep at it.