How to Plan Travel & Stay Organised


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0:00hey guys so I’m back with the requested video today not only have I gotten
0:04requests to make a travel-related be are kind of like this I guess are many
0:10comments and questions and messages about it but I thought it was time I
0:14make a travel series of the Dr’s this is a really long topic you might want to
0:20grab a cup of tea or a drink or something maybe watch this video while
0:26you’re doing I’m a cop or getting ready for the day
0:28these will be broken up into a series of maybe two to three videos I’ve also
0:33included time Marquez down and the video description so you guys can click on the
0:38topic school points of interest throughout the video
0:41most interesting to you anyway had trouble is very big topic let’s go ahead
0:47and get started my laptop is also getting a little bit sophia Gently
0:51humming in the background that you find it soon to start out one of the most
0:56important things you gotta do when you start to plan a trip is obviously choose
1:01dates I do the most challenging part of a trip I’m not sure I did something kind
1:05of stressful about committing today that having to stick to them but I think once
1:10you’ve got that done if you’re going to feel a lot more at ease so get that out
1:13of the way fast ideally a location in mind being a city a country or maybe
1:20even a few countries when I travel my friends is to stick to maybe one or two
1:25places or even just want to get to know really well have noticed that my Japan
1:33trip so pretty much focused entirely on Tokyo because there’s so much to do in
1:38Tokyo line I also just picking a phone number of locations
1:43is the most easy and stress-free way to travel I would also highly recommend it
1:48to you if you’re traveling a lower bowl maybe if it’s your first time traveling
1:53overseas fortress an area of the world if you do professional help out a lot of
1:59different countries may be one of those pre-planned three books kind of two US
2:04would be a better option for you when choosing how long I want to state from
2:07where I usually at least 1 2012 beginning of the trip and then at least
2:13one day at the end of this group they fit to allow for settling in Jet Black
2:17recovery and then of course the day at the end is because packing and getting
2:22to the airport is going to take at least a day if I was traveling from Australia
2:28to Europe until I would maybe three to four days at the beginning of the trip
2:33because of course is a little bit of a more luxurious approach I’m going to say
2:41because obviously extra days is more time more money but if you are going on
2:46a longer trip I would highly advise if not just one day on each and I think
2:51that’s really helpful if you can’t decide how long you want to stay in the
2:55city right out of supporting activities and things you’d like to do and then
2:59Friday into a mock-up daily schedule and fishing give you an idea of how many
3:05days should spend some time now that you have your date and you’ve chosen
3:09location but next thing you’re going to do is book your flight and travel
3:15these are pretty much the three biggest expenses of a holiday and also really
3:20important to books like I got a book out really fast and the prices are going to
3:26go on the longer you leave it to book how especially places like a B&B which
3:32is so popular and i actually same places foot down on that up to you in advance
3:38flights and accommodation at least three months in advance
3:43insurance doesn’t have any deadlines but if you know your day to you may as well
3:48go ahead and buy travel insurance and then you’ve got that out of the way you
3:52also may want to go ahead by 22 booking flights are pretty much the same as
4:01anywhere else
4:02checked Expedia kayak of WestJet they’re all good I will be sure to add link
4:07below any of the travel website that I’ve used but the more 122 never choose
4:12your feet without checking seat I think you think this website for my
4:18dad introduced to to me a long time ago because he always uses that you guys
4:24already know about this website and use it yourself that you basically just
4:28enter your aircraft or your flight number and it’ll come up with a map of
4:33the airplane highlights the best and worst thing to do it even shows which
4:38states have power outlets and little things like are so I find it super
4:42helpful and it will give you the peace of mind that you know you’ve chosen the
4:46right and you can choose between aisle or window seat this is kind of how I
4:51like to approach it today I like to be on the aisle because I’m gonna be
4:57drinking a ton of fluids I like to really keep my hydration up so I’m
5:01probably gonna have to be getting up to go to the bathroom and that’s just so
5:04much easier than having to climb over people obviously and if you’re lucky you
5:08should text you who’s constantly climbing
5:12to you my most recent long haul flight bright spot in the aisle the process
5:16next to me was amazing and they definitely climbed to me when I was
5:19asleep at one point and I had no idea I was just like the world for a knife
5:23fight where you want to get on the plane and just go right to sleep but Windows
5:27CE might be good because you can just kind of cut off and laid against the
5:31wall if you really just want to have the least socially awkward if the estate of
5:37coal oil is still probably going to be too bad you will have people coming over
5:42here but you can pretty much get in and out as he plays and I also find a really
5:47easy to sleep in a regular state I don’t need a willfully up against you really
5:51really not sure I guess for booking accommodation charge-offs rely on a
5:58travel web site because they stole accommodations available to do is to
6:06type in things like watching launch bed-and-breakfast holiday rentals
6:13apartment rentals if you’re putting your availability and to somewhere like
6:18Expedia and TripAdvisor a lot of businesses forget to date availability
6:23calendar so if you’re talking to date on a website that shows off there’s no
6:29availability it could be wrong so it’s always worth checking Google and going
6:33to his website itself is a place that you really love contact them by emailing
6:38or calling them right away just to conclude it’s definitely available or
6:43unavailable next time I’ll be talking about organization thing I always do
6:48when traveling if I print out a weekly or monthly calendar I usually get these
6:53from time and date dot com so you can have it visual reference if your trip
6:58and how much time you have it’s really really helpful and as soon as you are if
7:03you decided on an activity you want to do on a Sunday you can go ahead and
7:07write it in and you can just feel your travel pillow and you’ll feel so
7:11organized all signs suggest buying and a full caustic fold up for all your travel
7:17document by Clio on foot tall on I got from Australia and a house a little clip
7:25which is pretty cool I also like to use the back of her to put maybe like a
7:29mouse or schedule stopping for quick what I was in Japan I used to put the
7:34tray and i could easily look at how do you have a booking confirmation it’s
7:41really good to print it out and put it straight into the fold up that way you
7:45have hard copies of everything of course you can do pretty much everything just
7:49what I think it’s really good to have a hard copy backup you also have a
7:55photocopy of your driver’s license or I D Andrew possible so important to have
8:03if you lose your wallet or your passport if you want to get more privacy you
8:07could get a solid colored although that isn’t clear
8:11completely up to you guys I also like to stick little colored tops on my document
8:17and label it makes it a lot easier to findings quickly on my computer mail
8:22account create a fold up for the trip and as soon as I receive any booking
8:27confirmation emails or anything else travel-related I Drive it straight into
8:31that folder that way you don’t accidentally delete anything and you can
8:34easily find out later on there that is fit to this video I hope you guys find
8:39it interesting maybe pick up some you travel tips for more videos from my
8:44travel series on my channel I’m doing so anyway as always thank you guys SO much
8:52for watching and we’ll see you next time