How to Travel with Your Reborn Baby Doll **rebornsrock**


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hello everyone so today
0:03I’m gonna show you guys how to travel with your equine the first
0:07bring your shopping do
0:33so we are back in mind nursery
0:36kind I don’t know if I told you guys think it’d
0:40but my grandma on came to visit Frank Lawrence cannon to go over it
0:43which I’m perfectly fine with I love her so now everything’s Catholic
0:48in this area but that’s okay
0:52us so here is
0:55Kb I did decide on a name
0:59as their name Katie and because Anna
1:04at the name sq it sure screen typically stick
1:08to know names anyway a back to the shopping cart
1:13I did go to stores called
1:16Bell and a couple other things for the trip them
1:21first and that was this really big
1:24really thick but get and
1:28I got this because this can be covered a little bit later on but when you travel
1:33with read more into you need to wrap them in like a thick blanket hill
1:37take them so that is what this is for its cute little teen
1:40and then of course I just got Ubuntu outfits
1:44because I was just kinda feelin it on
1:48so yeah I want to look you
1:51over Ecuador so this is a tricky and
1:55I mostly like the pants cuz i kinda vintage and
1:58yes when the pan
2:01and now so that this set
2:04which is little polar bear
2:07mostly just got it because head asleep in a hat
2:11and I Lake I like either putting bows
2:15our hats on hey because as he is no ships have don’t
2:18on I don’t know much holiday but it’s not
2:22annex anything is just like designed to look like
2:27like when babies are born they have like a little bit in their heads
2:30I don’t know how to explain it but a so they too can cover that up
2:34says size notable with a catch a buzz Sep as well I mostly got it for its
2:39it’s really cute and also the these
2:42one get them out as he doesn’t know she has full
2:50she’s wearing pants but just bowling so these will be good
2:54just like put her in Philly traveling
2:57or slick everyday taper
3:01things pretty simple simple so
3:06I will be bringing
3:09that I could I’m pretty sure my not be able to know
3:13actually now that I’m looking how much is for well %uh
3:17we’ll see how it goes so a check it out guys are depressing and
3:22wanted the onesies I guy purchase it here
3:26but the matching bow acquires she’s looking soda
3:30love actually a lot
3:49I had tracks
4:06to go
5:16where a so here’s my day per bag and this is pretty much
5:20everything and being with me when I bring my remind Ecuador
5:23I I never a lot because they were in feel the need
5:27changer everyday jsyk couple outfits think she would look cute in
5:31so I’ll show you first we have seven habits
5:34because like I mentioned earlier she’s she’s a hat baby
5:38so then I just picked this one is E and
5:42this outfit that she never been in before Solantic
5:47bring nasa fearing it trendiest other than kik
5:51and then I have this adorable a blanket
5:55and then it has the matching like PJ set
5:58so this will be mostly wish you a safe teaches stuff they have the blanket
6:05and coupled a viciously expresso
6:08yes I do said changers and so
6:11accessory you skip that one hurdle cue for the videos
6:16killed in this
6:20I’m like experiencing things beforehand ever since SAT too
6:24so here we just had like symbol and kids magnetic
6:30so and they made his two best players for her
6:34show you how well that looks
6:37man a game on point
6:41are yeah that so it
6:44and I would usually bring a brush and comb set
6:47with her and I really need to she has painted air
6:51a.m. every anyway that’s what I would advise
6:54more both mister and lastly
6:59I have its bottle
7:03so there is like a guidelines if you know and a plane
7:08as to like how much liquid but I think this will be fine and then obviously
7:12other stuff they’re just good I’m gonna like we’re in there but it might not fit
7:16so both had today estimates that all you need to bring
7:21basically here spraying everywhere and shit but just like
7:25you could even bring last year but nothing
7:28so now we will move on to
7:33a travel KK
7:37head they actually travel I and that’s the reason why I got the blanket
7:46if you going in a car on a road trip type thing
7:50arm and you can’t bring the car see
7:54or if you don’t have a car seat hours ago on plane
7:59you need a blanket like this basically what
8:03idea is iraq the report up in this display get
8:08so she’s nascent cushioned and
8:12not gonna get damaged anything it’s basically like you’re wrapping a package
8:17she’s being ships that way so
8:20so I have a blanket here
8:25take I’ll and basically just wrapped her
8:30up doesn’t really matter
8:34certain ways I is like everything is nice
8:37protected just like that like a cocoon
8:41pretty much and this is my carry-on bag it’s just a backpack
8:46I have AQ incoming mail rallying for a couple days but we’re just gonna say
8:50this is Mike Carey I
8:51backpack and already do is
8:56put her in here
9:00just like that and one thing very important guys make sure you put your
9:06in your carry-on by age 10
9:10make sure you don’t put your baby
9:13in the suitcase that you check because
9:16they will open at and like you know they
9:20deuterium Lorraine and everything’s fine explain
9:23is when you go through security they likely
9:27are going to check your bag might take it all out because they don’t know what
9:30the heck it is there like
9:31what the heck is that it’s a baby inside a backpack
9:35what’s going on so %uh all the times I’ve traveled they had taken now
9:39and you just like talented all
9:42atresia doing just like its at all and they take it out
9:46and usually they’re like oh well and then they usually last
9:51in Lake Show to their coworkers its
9:54and then everyone is like staying at in my cock fees
9:57but you learn you learn to live with it
10:01so they will take it out to make sure shit like two dollars at the bottom
10:04said and then they will let you go through because
10:08your baby is not a bomb so that’s all there is really into it
10:13it’s not hard to travel with the reborn
10:17this is all you need you need Euribor
10:20need some stuff or maybe just need to report
10:23if you don’t like to change for him so
10:27that work included this video and I can put it back on my face
10:31because there’s too much work I’m hope you guys
10:35enjoyed it and next time
10:39I will hopefully see you in Ecuador