Lazy Hiker GPS Bible for Backpackers


Complete Video Transcript

0:00welcome to lease a hiker GPS title actors
0:03session 1 pop to
0:07now come to Chi you seek Amy
0:09keep your distance speed issues
0:14time is subjective distance just
0:17soviet to look at some actual example
0:21halt should now be at that too Google
0:24let’s see how the condition distant so the click on the hula eagle to the haha
0:29the change two kilometers because so
0:34the marginal did hind take
0:37us from Hyrule to possible Egypt
0:40so for a speedy to measured
0:44distant shores
0:46so the click stuff from here
0:49click here
0:50going along
0:51I’ll so you can Haas on hold a straight line to hear that
0:56public will be those realistic because the train is popping not lead to
1:00cool constantly for so after you Lana you connect the dots to get home
1:06kind to ask final disease I’ll 800 kilometers
1:11and this 15 nights sparred
1:15am previously home
1:18understanding the speed loaded developing country
1:22fish beautiful bus Chinese 60 kilometers an hour
1:26so you divide it 800 kilometer 60 kilometers
1:31get the times I’ll 14 hours so the top
1:34time by my estimation from high-level to hospitals
1:38I’ll 14 hollers not you understand how to test to me
1:45time stringed just become to most important please
1:50mezcal and tree
1:53which is to connect docs to did previously used on your destination
1:59we have created a list sleep plays
2:03and now I have created us 17 of them
2:07you’re just going to see how weak economy does 17 places
2:11to candid
2:14first now looks at big picture sold arm also
2:17dark places concentrate on for areas
2:20in of the Hampton heroin century India
2:24East the tryin 21 self
2:28he had luxury & Haas won up a simple and
2:31leslie has westerlies see well easiest
2:34sold as you can see does
2:39separated by the West candidacy so too
2:42best thing you can do is basically shape to travel
2:45so from here to here and from here to here to travel from here to here
2:51not very easily passing through here cost
2:54you have to cross rest see the same thing home when you go to the leases to
2:59ask army
3:01me to call from along denial called
3:04Beach pieces
3:07so let’s connect the dots to get should be the first thing you need to do is
3:11drink and chopped
3:12weak ones Hindle policy
3:15so that the orkut want to visit
3:19became clear hot to link the dots together
3:22so the strickland huh and we’ll create a pop
3:26order Egypt Mac home Ronald and our starting point
3:30P-funk I’ll
3:32Picasa that this
3:34people pine entry to be arrived at the airport
3:39from dear cool too City call
3:44last as word
3:46church cemetery yes you can see
3:51notice people for the chechen him stats because be unduly
3:55medical and right now so for each city
3:58the only teakamp one point so
4:02ba2 Michael
4:05to kill details
4:08soul farm past people travel
4:11each plus said and each
4:14publishes speech to the National to be king he tried
4:19is travel sus home title
4:22poss said where you can see Suez Canal
4:25to this is about 160 kilometer haha same
4:30the wonderful chill lucky one toward mostly rose in to be
4:34Queen Street across Israel dude
4:38hostile place called Street even each day allow you to do that
4:42whole italy won a gold so a more sensible ways to cool down
4:47up to book
4:51from the attic reach called Colt
4:56bloody mom and you noticed decisions treaty
5:00pretty she’s awesome see high-level
5:04to Haas
5:07had a nice little desi bloody ROM for money one logical
5:10tool hatch esta placed me the engines movies
5:15head and posted temples at
5:18be injured which site from to travel
5:22to the same bed hold Colbert
5:27hopper to make this
5:32that is
5:33beast City next
5:36see some hard
5:40sign those issues
5:46said told
5:49trees yeah
5:51months and I double to
5:56despite on other tickled arch
6:00sold hard
6:19much is the place to help develop the canes
6:22210 pounds to lose
6:24temples luxury logical to a house
6:29your house while you can psychiatry tool
6:34she’s he house uses a novel
6:37to us
6:42and last one you might want to take for leukotriene back to lunch
6:46which will take about three days
6:50alone well
6:54on luxury 12 called Leston keys
7:08here sexually night take hold
7:13shot a distance
7:16did because switching us
7:18wanted as
7:21which said
7:23cell phone westerlies issue want
7:27hard like de served
7:32see well eases
7:35sensual ones is it
7:39see well this in a long tickled
7:45accenture is the place where you can see week
7:49he was already chins
7:54you’ll and you can also see it
7:58I Hawks exchange
8:00it was one of the engines sent tensions wonders
8:06lighthouse did you can see
8:12house ant farm singe
8:15you which home
8:25country sold total tree just
8:27hi thousand 6 notices
8:31any rock ass to me so distraught might not be completely correct but
8:36sometimes you my ass today longer sometimes shot
8:39so be last week what does
8:43what can be learned home 5,000 distance
8:48remember when the
8:51this life conditions be his
8:59estimates eat trips so that he can total tiny
9:04to doing is cheap
9:06so last fall he’ll bus is between East
9:09Avenue mountain hamlet used 30 kilometers
9:14if you are traveling normal roles like just
9:17just chick here be popularly used
9:2060 kilometers you’re traveling in places like Europe
9:26hand pop used just
9:33as you can see most basis I was seized
9:36is quite normal fantasy
9:40except he pleases here
9:45a public highway he said singer took on
9:49those a system I
9:52catalogs fast maybe a hundred
9:55our the full all other places miles
9:5960 kilometres so will Egypt
10:02the high thousand kilometers divided by 60 kilometers
10:10by dividing five thousand sixty against
10:1353 hours will be total travel time
10:17tree so what does it mean sold
10:20means you 1b you will be spending child
10:24our day bus if you have two weeks issues
10:286 out pretty bus just to kind saying
10:31so it yet four weeks you will be spending
10:34three-hour pretty bus so
10:38just knowing the test
10:40you see that
10:41you wanted to achieve night yes you hungry want to for weeks time poppy
10:48because you already know how much time you holiday so you can decide
10:53which hard to take this sample
10:56freebie holiday public want to take
11:01trip two weeks to take is
11:05chill shield
11:11so is how use
11:13you see Kate cool and
11:18so you see key is comical any your child
11:22sold you seeking yourself and if you’re traveling
11:26on you need to who seek it again
11:30savalas nickel penny in XP deal talk about
11:33Michael and trip using spiked which is
11:37ish I G
11:40see X
11:41Disney his visit website did
11:45lazy like
11:47thank you