Making a hotel reservation in English


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hi hair have you ever needed to make a hotel reservation
0:05English today I want to show you
0:09how to do it ensure city centre hotel
0:17how can I help you good morning
0:21I want how much costs
0:25an axe peace our rooms
0:29star E dollars worst-ever
0:32single and how much does it out
0:36room cost I’ll room
0:39is while fifty dollars and I
0:43and what doesn’t
0:46the press lose huh
0:49Telegraph this be more
0:53every room TV a hair dryer
0:58and we also have Yahoo
1:02actually disposal thats
1:05hi I would like to book a room peace
1:08language like to check here
1:11and for how many nights I would like to change
1:15all this said June to
1:1910 June 58 max
1:22finger rule is you like
1:26I don’t like double with juicy
1:30a us nonce p with a walk
1:34Shah and nice will there be any children how many
1:41no just be last
1:44and just go
1:47please check a room is available for those dates
1:55we can do that so I have reserved don’t rule
2:00not smoking for you with to single that s
2:0400 shower nice room
2:07overlooking the car is trial the 2nd June
2:12until to urge the total cost Hui
2:161000 two hundred dollars
2:20including pass if you need to cancel
2:23please let us know 24 hours
2:27in advance and there is no be for the cancellation
2:31are these details qarax
2:34yes %ah can I have your local name please
2:40yes my hey it’s re
2:44her GE I Tay
2:48an be. of she
2:52and how are you hey missus remember
2:55by cash Friday car I would be
2:59K I break can you give me your credit card number and expiry
3:06day yes hacked
3:09its 5 hi hi
3:13said 5 hi hi
3:17and its I date is
3:20is here to slash
3:2320 can I help with anything else miss
3:27remember an OK very much
3:30you could say consummation to
3:34backpacks be happy
3:38yeah is 5 said
3:43said said said yes that’s no
3:46for all all confirmation to you
3:50right away thank you for choosing city centre hotel
3:54have a good day by