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0:00hey this is running a boom and today we’re gonna look at the new snapshot for
0:03the upcoming 1.9 update and minecraft they added something called unit
0:08collisions that allows me to create an invention that will make you go faster
0:12than anything else in Minecraft this is the new fastest way to travel in
0:17Minecraft I’m gonna take a page from the same avoids book and look at some myth
0:22busting type techniques comparing it to older methods and I’ll let you decide
0:26for yourself if this is going to be the method for you unless you know right now
0:30that it’s not the most efficient method requires a lot of entities and it does
0:34take some redstone and might not be worth your time there are some other
0:38methods that are not quite as fast but they may be more useful ok now I’m gonna
0:42show you the real reason that were here today so basically used unit collisions
0:46allow entities to push other entities out of the way and what happens is if
0:53you are the entity that needs to get pushed and you have let’s say a hundred
0:57cows and this little space those entities are going to push you really
1:01really hard and they’re going to push you really really hard in this direction
1:04and I think I’ve discovered one of the new fastest way is to travel in
1:09Minecraft so this way doesn’t require any consumable that doesn’t require any
1:15ender pearls it doesn’t require any TNT and its tileable so if I just wanted to
1:21have a regular system that had just one cow I could make it shook me about to
1:26hear so for example how many jumps down here with all these cows and I’m gonna
1:30show you what it’s like to get shot down so we get shot pretty far pretty quickly
1:34to just bounces us across the ice now let’s see what happens when I have
1:39introduced this little repeating system where as you’re flying you hit this
1:44pressure plate it sends a signal to this little piston slam black thing to knock
1:50you back into these guys and then it shoots you off again so what started off
1:54and see how fast we can go
1:56actually pretty fast and low back hurts that was a pretty short time to travel
2:04long distance the next thing I’m gonna do is compare this design to some of the
2:09other common fast methods of travel so let’s compare this one to the commonly
2:19used method of placing trap doors on top of ice and then jumping as fast as
2:26possible I’ll do all these in game mode 0 when we do the actual test we’re gonna
2:32start at this level right here we’re gonna go as fast as we can let’s do it
2:37let’s first get some swiftness speed to potion and let’s go as far as possible
2:48time all right let’s try it on a really fast horse with swiftness to go
3:00and time
3:03let’s try it on another horse
3:06there’s also another one of the fastest horses that I could get help
3:21man card
3:34time now this is with boats set up heart so that you can reach them in creative
3:44mode combine your creative reach is further than your survival reach so this
3:48is gonna be even faster than survival ready troops ready to go as fast as I
4:00could possibly click now let’s try and survival in survival mode a mode 0 the
4:07boats have to be a lot closer because your reach distances shorter so you
4:11don’t make it as far with every click but we’re going to test this one instead
4:14ready clicking as fast as I can ok
4:20hey time
4:28and design right here and that’s the reason that I made this one but i wanna
4:34see if I can add enough cows to this guy right here to make it all the way down
4:41to prove once and for all that this is the fastest method of travel that
4:45doesn’t require any consumable goods the first let’s see how long it will take us
4:53to ender pearl all the way down to the edge didn’t even make it the whole way
5:10it’s even faster than under pearling and it still doesn’t even make it the whole
5:20all right let’s see if we can time this right to see if just straight horizontal
5:23and her pearls are faster and farther ready to work it might take a couple
5:38made it a little bit farther but still not far enough right now let’s have a
5:44bunch of motions to this to see if we can get enough motions in here to launch
5:48us the entire length in one little sprout this method right here will take
5:56out the lag time associated with stopping falling and getting bounced
6:00back let’s see if we can eliminate those two little pitfalls to make one super
6:07straight away fast blaster
6:25all right let’s get a little tests
6:31we made the whole way I’d like to make it a little faster though let’s keep
6:41adding more
6:50ok we obviously have a lot of cows here about over 300 cows are here now
7:00obviously this isn’t gonna work on a multiplayer server they’re not gonna let
7:05you have 300 cows on any multiplayer Sarah that’s just ridiculous you could
7:13make this in your own single player world and that’d be pretty cool I just
7:16wanted to show you that there is a hypothetical concept that will work in
7:19your single player world or if you have a really good computer you can totally
7:23use this super fast method to get around I would suggest that you build one of
7:28these and other and can use this then this is the second preferred method of
7:36choice but let’s let’s just see just for kicks
7:42how quickly this gets you down to the end
7:46get ready to go 321 done it’s practically instant let’s see it again
7:56that’s so fun
8:01and lets your in-game out 100 ready to go and get done and more pretty well see
8:15if it’ll take us the whole distance goodness that’s awesome that’s like a
8:22hundred and fifty maybe even a hundred and sixty percent of the length of this
8:26thing done that is so fast this thing is so fun
8:31could you imagine being in your base with somebody running away and you just
8:39drop down here underground tunnel and pop up ahead of him and kill him
8:44is no running away from your base at this time gonna fly up a little bit and
8:49fall down on it ready so I made one other little machine this is a TNT
9:00launcher and I wanted to show you what would happen if you tried to launch
9:03yourself with TNT doing the same thing
9:08already got water all these places
9:13yeah we barely survived and it didn’t even knock us this far
9:23all right now let’s take a look at the results the single cow shooter was the
9:29fastest and was able to shoot us 81 blocks and point four seconds if you
9:34built one of these in the nether and did that same rate would be able to travel
9:40one thousand six hundred and twenty blocks in one second the second fastest
9:45was the tileable musha shooter at one point eight six seconds for a 21 blocks
9:50in the nether that would translate to three hundred and forty-eight overworld
9:55blocks per second
9:56next was the creative vote clicker that was two seconds
10:034801 blocks and never the other that’s the equivalent of the overworld three
10:07hundred and twenty four blocks the boat trick in survival you get you there and
10:12three point six five seconds which is equivalent to a hundred and seventy 7.5
10:16and another nice run with the trap doors with a swiftness to potion that’ll get
10:21you there in 4.5 seconds with one hundred and forty-four another
10:27equivalent blocks per second and then the horse with 6.5 seconds which is 99
10:33and another equivalent the internet says the faster horse would be able to do it
10:37faster than that the wiki says that the fastest horse who get equivalent of a
10:41hundred and sixteen point six blocks and another vendor pearl took me seven
10:46seconds but it would take about 3.5 seconds if you could go as fast as
10:49possible under pearl I didn’t do this correctly the nether equivalent with the
10:54end up role as a hundred and eighty four blocks per second
10:57finally the mine cart with 12.5 seconds with the nether equivalent of 51.8 four
11:03blocks per second and finally sprinting has another equivalent of forty four
11:08point eight bucks per second
11:10thanks so much for watching everybody make sure you like this video and
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11:17mistakes in the studio 54 gotta method if you know a faster way that I
11:21know before if I could have made one of my methods faster please let me know in
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