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Complete Video Transcript

0:10New York is situated in the Northeast region of the United States of America.
0:16Over eight million people call the Big Apple home,
0:18and the city attracts up to fifty million visitors a year.
0:25Ever since the Colonists arrived in 1624,
0:28New York has been continuously shaped by the waves of immigrants drawn here
0:32by the promise of hope, and liberty.
0:35Every newcomer arrived with a cultural suitcase that contributed to the sounds,
0:41tastes and textures of New York.
0:43But it is their dreams which built the city. A city like no other!
0:53New York touches not only the heavens with its mythic skyline,
0:56its influence radiates to every corner of the globe.
1:00Every street corner it seems, is familiar through documentary, movie and song.
1:07New York’s straightforward grid system makes it an easy city to explore
1:11by foot, taxi, or on its subway, which, just like the city – never sleeps!
1:17In Manhattan’s Midtown, you’ll find many of The Big Apple’s most iconic symbols.
1:25The Art Deco-designed Empire State Building is one of the most impressive
1:29and endearing skyscrapers ever created.
1:32The skyline may have grown up around it, but the view from the 102nd floor
1:38is as breathtaking today as it was when it first opened in 1931.
1:45New York has always been a place where “when the going got tough, the tough got going”.
1:51The Rockefeller Center, a visionary city within a city,
1:53rose during the darkest days of the Great Depression.
1:57Today, it’s still a place of creativity, inspiration
2:01and even more incredible views of the city.
2:05Closer to earth is Grand Central Terminal.
2:09Step into the Main Concourse, and feel the echo of every tearful farewell
2:14and joyous greeting throughout the station’s history.
2:21New York has always been the gateway to the Land of the Free,
2:25but it is also the city of the spree – the shopping spree!
2:29This city is shopaholic heaven,
2:31and Fifth Avenue with its eye-popping window displays
2:34is the high temple of the retail world.
2:40Times Square – one of the most visited tourist attractions on the planet.
2:44Stand here, on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue,
2:47and you stand at the crossroads of the world.
2:50It’s also the place to snap up a half-price ticket to a Broadway show.
3:02New York has been blessed with generous civic spaces.
3:05But there is no greater chill-out space in the Big Apple than Central Park,
3:10a beautiful 850-acre network of meadows and lakes.
3:14This is the place where New Yorkers come to rest, romance, and express themselves.
3:24Over the decades many New Yorkers made it big,
3:27and much of that fabulous wealth was reinvested into collecting
3:30some of the greatest artworks on the planet.
3:33Nowadays, much of this art is available for everyone to enjoy.
3:37A walk through the The Metropolitan Museum of Art
3:40is a walk through 5000 years of humankind’s greatest creative moments.
3:47The Frank Lloyd Wright designed-Guggenheim is a different kind of walk,
3:51one which spirals ever-upward through a dizzying collection
3:54of 20th and 21st Century masterpieces.
4:01Newcomers to New York spend much of their time looking skyward,
4:05but since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center,
4:08a new attraction gives locals and visitors a chance to pause and bow their heads.
4:15The Reflecting Absence memorial and museum honors the 3000 people
4:20who lost their lives on that darkest of September days.
4:25New York resonates with the sounds of over 800 language groups,
4:32and nothing epitomizes this diversity like the city’s neighborhoods.
4:36Little Italy packs all the tastes and flavors of Italy into just a couple of streets,
4:42while Soho attracts cool cats and well-heeled bohemians from all over the world.
4:47A few streets away, Greenwich Village proudly retains the cafés and bars
4:54where creative residents like Bob Dylan first performed before becoming American icons.
5:00And then there are the boroughs.
5:03Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the melting pot of Brooklyn.
5:07With its own distinctive neighborhoods, museums, open spaces –
5:11and who could forget Coney Island!
5:16So welcome to New York City, The Big Apple.
5:20We’ve only just given you a bite-sized taste of what this incredible city has to offer.
5:24But if you’ve got an appetite for the very best things that life has to offer,
5:29this is the destination for you –
5:31there’s enough to feast on here for a lifetime!�