Planning On-The-Go: Planning Supplies I Travel With


Complete Video Transcript

0:04hi guys we are traveling this week so I thought I would show you
0:07arm what I bring with it when I’m traveling in terms of my planner
0:11most fun and interesting to see you what everybody brings I’m so I thought I
0:15would kind of go through injury my process and high pick out what I’m
0:18bringing with
0:19and how to hack it all up the first thing I do is usually
0:22pull out all the stuff that is most important to me which is usually hours
0:26in my Kipling 100 pen case in this expandable file
0:30folder com which houses all my most you stickers
0:34my planner course and then this is my travel case which is the more like Harry
0:39cosmetic bag
0:40its purchase at Target this printer is not available anymore target
0:44they may have arm other prince in this
0:48style the bag even other brands there are similar to this
0:51on that you can use for check for pair here supplies and traveling with enjoy
0:56this type of stuff out and then usually what I do is just
0:59open up mine planner bag
1:02now you can see it already has my staffers in there
1:08and typically I don’t use these when I’m playing like my weekly planning so they
1:13in so much trouble case ready to go for whenever I take a track
1:18so the next thing I do is just put my planner inside have this clear
1:22plastic pouch and I picked this side because
1:25up it’s waterproof a little shielded from anything you’re not have a damage
1:29that kinda stuff
1:31it’s got this nice plastic cover that goes over he keeps a nice and protected
1:35in case a cup n
1:36arm bust open and leaks everywhere or something inside of my bag weeks
1:41it’s just a little more protection than say like the mash Patterson actually do
1:45is just open up my Kipling pen case
1:48and this you saw like my basic tools for use Armando poor couple things from here
1:53not have all my parents I don’t need to pull that
1:55I usually don’t take my scissors cuz that’s something I use a lot
1:58my paperwork to use though are as well my middle
2:03baby belly over here I’ll take my waiter I don’t use that there are often
2:07much to Mike Foley decorating for the week but just in case I like to have it
2:11so it’s pretty much the basic tools that I use again most interment traveling I’m
2:16not doing a full week’s worth of planning now high was
2:19I’m a lot more this would come with but since I’m usually just adding to my
2:23or writing down important stuff is we’re on our trip for memories or something
2:26like that typically that’s just the stuff ready in terms of total
2:30and then I will cite open this is I think intended for makeup brushes and
2:35put my scissors in there an awful my way out in their
2:39and makes a pro or probably going here a little bit too big
2:43there and then I also when I’m traveling
2:46re: secure typewriter is my usual Sharpie pen which comes with me
2:49everywhere anyways
2:50arm so I always have my standard pair and I have my colored pens in case they
2:55need it
2:55and then depending on temperature now if I’m gonna be on a trip without my kids
3:00which never happens but if it did happen
3:02I would probably even bring the whole
3:05expandable file folder stickers because planning something I enjoy doing so
3:10in a Leichhardt activity where I’m like relaxing would include planning and I
3:14like having on my stickers with me
3:16but usually ninety-nine point and time to time my kids are with me and there’s
3:21not really a chance for me to sit down and actually formed a great
3:24and usually sticker so I keep in mind what a meanie
3:28possibly like an airplane sticker from traveling home I haven’t
3:31my for information and or
3:35ever going to Disney World Cup action disneyworld stickers
3:38two things I may use armed those dependent on what trip or on
3:43so this report is going to be going to New Jersey for my husband
3:47i’m for his work schedule so I may just for coffee table popular coffee in the
3:52arm but really terms and anything else
3:55I am I can’t have everything
3:59written in my planner that I need to already so I don’t typically need the
4:04arm just browsing through
4:07can have see if there’s anything that I need
4:10and I don’t really think her
4:13so that’s pro-choice stickers in a minute a bite me teaser
4:17hello this these stickers these are from little miss plant
4:20taxi arm soldiers have frozen their
4:24so I have them another do is come to go through my washy take auction
4:29again depending on a trip or taking it will have includes me on which
4:33Washington to bring
4:34on this chair I’m pi won’t have much time to decorate so
4:39I remember you wash it with me as is playing pretty empty compared how it
4:43usually is when I go on a trip but
4:44I just don’t need a lot cuz or do you Jersey doesn’t really
4:48have stickers that go along with it or watching tape
4:51and now that I think about it I’m gonna go in and pull out my Sharpie pen
4:55if this breaks does no good being honest I case and I’ll just keep
4:59my sure comparing here so that I have it for quick use what I needed
5:06so that is pretty much gone take you with me on this trip again
5:09I try an plan accordingly for each
5:12trip I take depending on were on what we’re doing how much time I have to plan
5:17arcs economy packing unnecessary stuff from not be planning a lot
5:22there’s no point me bringing but I like to have my have basic necessities just
5:25in case is something I want to an end
5:27or have some free time to oMG decorate so
5:31I will be fun interesting so quick little video showing exactly how I
5:34packin what I bring and why it’s important to me and
5:38I’m hopefully viewership this gives you some ideas on what
5:42flatpack unhappy get thanks for watching guys