Taiwan Travel: Exploring Kaohsiung and Food!


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0:00Tigers are today I’m Intel Sean a South taiwan and I’m with the
0:03Maggie and now when you hear and the street behind us
0:07is who love like shamed ice either is so
0:11well let’s sit down and that check out that and then afterwards we gonna go
0:14check out the
0:15couch on Harbor so yeah with
0:18let’s do it I’ll nine
0:29are as as so here we are at one of the many shops are shaved ice
0:33and a as a pretty much to him is trying to board melts
0:36this time
0:47obviously this big contraption here is meant more like by people
0:51I but there’s um realize in Soho
0:55a hug we’re going to have to eat this for dinner as well I
0:58but basically this I kinda wanna eat and I have to explain to limit the birth
1:04announcement later
1:08I’m we got married that’s not the definition
1:11we go we have to do this hybrid I have a brain freeze
1:23brain fried bravery
1:29north-south because they’re too busy like you move your hand
1:32we are the fruit yeah it’s mostly healthy for you right just ignore the
1:36sugar part
1:36just pretend like this is Ana healthy which in and
1:39it is love is what you need if like never before
1:44then bowler and ago it say that
1:50down to make like time slice
1:54yeah I failed
1:55know him
1:57same night
1:58hang are really well home while I’ll probably never easy item I like mine
2:05but north into the company they do
2:09some amazing she died no doubt missus the spotlight
2:14the best gigantic balls shaved ice had ever had in my entire life
2:18next to Maggie and money
2:21my hair like
2:37okay so after that amazing
2:40ice experience I am at teaching Island right now
2:44and to get here from couch on all you have to do is take
2:48an incredibly cheap very it’s no longer than five minutes but you get excellent
2:53up couch on Harbor with its majestic skyline
2:57in the background I now this area
3:00feels like a little seaside community which it is
3:03and it feels like Europe sequestered away
3:07far from civilization it feels very relaxed more so
3:11than typical and I here I am at the
3:15Great Sand Beach and I know I’m not going to put on my and my bikini or
3:20anything like that
3:20I let’s just check out this area and see what it has to offer and I’m sure we can
3:25even eat something I’m Sherman I was wrong one
3:37so of the side of the street fair hot there are plenty of squares
3:41our growth with places and I don’t know how to taiwan has a
3:44I love sweat you all know that so they’re basically just growth over open
3:49tell my gosh there some sesame and their
3:52there hopefully it’s not too spicy because it looks kinda pricing
3:59long tweet live
4:01sweet but also very salty
4:06for a fresh that’s really fresh plant thats with musta been alive not too long
4:12that’s so good this hanging out by the beach in his dealings with
4:15barbecues would like that it’s all soft to I hope
4:18I we should move some Christmas getting into my eyes but love you
4:24WBI how was I when he’s very up when you have to go to church later so
4:30candida and if I did have a drink beer but I get really drunk and fall off the
4:38what are the best but I’ve ever had my and well
4:41move up
4:45pretty know what’s the best
4:47because you’re here and your hey are you know you know
4:50there the issue compliment
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5:08I but maggie has it 30 I wanna see here
5:11let me let me know oh well okay tend to go I’m a tentacle haven’t got
5:15all love tentacles my favorite the lawyers told me like
5:22you know many years ago are you gonna end up in taiwan be like now
5:26now outnumber you know yeah
5:29but many who don’t know if I waited four years to be magnet
5:35four years yep and hear you on the bus kinda crazy
5:38how the world %uh the world happened you know as the world turns
5:42he was on the Taiwan
5:45Cup so after the Swiss we walked like literally
5:49to passwords down and man he said I had to try this
5:53and I was gonna shock because the literally at the tomato but it’s more
5:57right is more than just a made up word
5:59especially if the special sauce when
6:02I just me and change in how they’re stalling and that the best thing is that
6:07I saw the sauce
6:08solid is hardly managing they should try it okay soul
6:12tomatoes with soy sauce and a secret special sauce only found here
6:16yeah can’t get this in Taipei can’t get this anywhere else but this island now
6:20we’re on here
6:38was very taiwanese because I had as a hazard how many the ginger
6:42reminds me up like this ancient like it it sold back to the basics
6:47way you wouldn’t expect in with a tomato because the seasoning
6:50just absolutely destroys a flare up the middle
6:54whatever replaces it with something soul rustic
6:57in Seoul your right this feels
7:01like something that my mom would make just to shut me up
7:05right let’s see if I wanted to like yeah a little
7:08just because it’s so good it so good right let’s say I wanted to go somewhere
7:11I don’t think now and I’m
7:12I N she would make this and its so comforting
7:15howard said I i mean some kids woody you Chicken Soup for the Soul
7:19I but this this is like taiwanese
7:23number comfort food now really like this
7:26governing if it’s a little bit cold but it’s sweet it’s so sweet
7:30I S its yeah this week its me like ginger
7:34ginger sleep its own sleep
7:37cop so that’s pretty much it for I
7:40this island here thank you guys so much up for joining me and i buy you guys end
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8:09joining us
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8:15let me know you’re feeling below I
8:18for coming to you from our couch on thank you %uh
8:21so much well of some island with our name again seen
8:25teaching exactly if that’s what what she said I
8:28and I i think you can call a donde people that dont College on that we’re
8:32going to finish the tomato with this
8:33awesome of sauce and the meantime
8:37wanna know more about taiwan link in the description
8:40below Allardyce that’s what about the Holland
8:44thank you guys no
9:01hi guys are so today I’m with a Maggie and Owen E and here we are on couch John
9:06and we are has that right how Sean how she’ll cultural knock it down by
9:10I’m terrible at this