Top 7 Travel Tips for South Korea


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0:03majority of our videos are of the perpective of people living in Korea
0:06but we know that a lot of the people that we talked to out on the street whenever we
0:09meet them
0:09wined up saying that they are just visiting Korea.
0:13So today we’re gonna give you our best tips and tricks if you are gonna visit Korea
0:16and by visit you mean vacation? You keep using this word visit, like as if you are going to your aunt’s house. [S]yeah …[M] “I am going to visit”
0:21All right Hot Tip number 1: so you’ve just arrived at Inchon Airport and you are all ready to go
0:25to your hotel
0:26you’ve got your google map you’ve got the address in your phone and then you realize
0:30that Google Map does not work in Korea.
0:31Apple maps isn’t really working in Korea either. [M]Please, please, please come
0:35prepared with the address of your hotel written in Korean
0:38because the taxi drivers if you’re taking them, anywhere, they will not know where you’re
0:41There are so many tiny hotels and hostels
0:44all around Korea. So if you just mention the name of it to your taxi driver, they
0:47probably won’t know, unless you are at a really swanky place. And it’s a lot safer to have
0:51the address of your hotel than the move of it. So tip #2:
0:54For us whenever we travel to other countries we tend to get little wifi eggs
0:58that we could stay connected to the Internet. In Korea you
1:01you can get those but you don’t need it. Because there are so many open wifi
1:04spots everywhere. [M]Everywhere.
1:06No passwords on them. As opposed to if you go to Japan, whenever we go to
1:09Japan, I can never find any open free wifi anywhere and I need an egg.
1:13You must get an egg if you go to Japan. [S]Yes. [M]You can easily pick them up by like
1:17ordering them online at the airports.
1:18-Korea -really it’s a waste of money for you. [S]Right. [M]You will be
1:21wired up everywhere you go. So don’t worry about it. [S]If you’re in a city that is. If you’re
1:24out in the sticks and you might not find that many wifi hotspots. But
1:28in Seoul I think you gonna be alright. But who is gonna come to Korea and go to the countryside?
1:31[M+S] eeeeeh….. Tip # 3: Get this App!
1:34The Jihachul subway app. It is very very useful for you when youy are in Korea, more than likely
1:39you gonna be using the subway because the subway system here’s almost perfect.
1:42It’s like webbed-out to
1:43every region guys.
1:44And this is the best subway app that I have ever seen
1:47in any country. If you wined up clicking where you are and where you wanna go
1:52tell you exactly how to get there, how long it’s gonna take you to get there,
1:55what time the subway is gonna come, [M]How much it gonna cost, [S]How much it gonna cost,
1:58[M]depending on the route you wanna take [S]and here’s what’s great about it: if you have
2:01any transfer points in between
2:03it’ll tell you the transfer points and it will even tell you
2:06what subway cart to be on and what door, so you could be closer to the exit
2:11when you transfer.
2:11It’s brilliant. Ultra useful better than anything I’ve ever seen in anywhere else in the world.
2:15Besides the subway app, which is super super helpful, there is also a really cool bus app,
2:19which might be for more adventurous people that wanna get on the bus. But the buses
2:22and subways are connected with the theme card. So when you come here, if you decide to
2:24get the T money passcard,
2:25which I recommend, because it’s easy to use, you can beep on the bus,
2:29beep on the subway,
2:30you beep off the bus, you beep off the subway and it takes you all over Korea cheaply.
2:34And the app for the bus actually shows you when it’s showing up, what time, where you can catch it from,
2:37and when you use the subway map, you can press like,
2:40the search nearby and it’ll show you all the places that are nearby for you to get on the subway or to catch the bus.
2:44Tip # 4: A lot of people are now traveling with many more
2:47electronics than before and I’m not sure if you’ve had this experience
2:50if you go to a hotel and you try to plug in your devices you might have five divices
2:54but only two outlets,
2:56and you are screwed! [M] And the rest of them are like behind the bed, and you’re like: why would you put that there.
2:59So then you go on this rotation; and you got like plugin to over here and you got a plugin one over there,
3:03in the bathroom. [M]and you
3:04..what percentage is your phone at, mine is at 32. [S] OK I got a solution for you, [M] mine is at 25.
3:10This thing right here, we wined up getting it.
3:11It’s a 5 USB device charger. Right here
3:15its got a back thingy, and usually comes the cable. These are usually universal 100 and 240 watts
3:19If you have an adapter for it won’t blow out your devices. It could charge 5
3:24at once, through 1 wall outlet. This is great, I bring this with me
3:28everywhere. It makes things a lot easier. You will like it. Hey,
3:31 get one of these, travel with them, they’re great. Tip No. 5:
3:35Time to go over
3:35money stuff, because we’ve had a lot of visitors come to visit us, and we’ve seen
3:39the stress people went through. [S]yes. Number one: a lot of people want to wait until they arrive
3:43at the airport to convert money when they are in Korea.
3:45It is actually better for you to convert money back home, because the airport will usually rip you off
3:49with the
3:50worst possible … what it is called? transfer.. [S] Yeah, transfer rates, currency rates,
3:53fees, everything. I never transfer money at the airport unless
3:57crushingly desperate. But do that ahead of time. It’ll be easier for you.
4:00Tip No.2: please make sure, if you’re gonna use credit cards in Korea that you call your
4:04credit card company
4:05before you leave for Korea, to let them know that you are traveling. [S] It seems so
4:09simple and a lot of people forget about it and then they come here and try to buy something
4:13with a credit card
4:14and it gets declined. Just give them a call it’ll take you only like three
4:18hours of being on hold.
4:20So say you are not a credit card person and you took out all the cash, and already spent it all,
4:23and now you need more cash while in Korea. This is gonna be a little bit
4:27Not every ATM machine in Korea will accept your foreign crads.
4:31So you’ve got to make sure that you find the ones that except it. They usually have a little
4:34symbol on the back of your card, and if it matches the symbol on the ATM,
4:37you could use it.
4:37If you don’t wanna go looking for every symbol, go to a Citi Bank machine.
4:41[M] C I T I [S] C I T I bank.
4:42Those usually work and they will be able to accept your card, and give you
4:46the cash
4:47that you need. [M] Yes. However it’s not always easy
4:49to find them. I remember when my sister and her husband came down, [S]yeah. We like
4:52went all over the city trying to find a stupid freaking Citi bank. And we ended up finding one at
4:56like a random
4:577/11 It looked like one of those little tiny ATMs that are set up by the
5:01mafia, but it was a real
5:02ATM. Also, important for you to know is, if you do wined up
5:05using your bank card in Korea, make sure you speak with your bank beforehand,
5:09and know if your bank card is usable overseas because some bank cards cannot
5:14be used overseas. I remember with our korean bank account
5:16we have to ask them specifically to give us a card, that we could use in Japan, in Canada and
5:20all that. So make sure you ask your bank if your card is capable. [M]But one really good
5:23thing about Korea is that majority of places do accept like credit cards and
5:26debit cards.
5:27So unless you are going to like a small street food stand or like you try to
5:30haggle for clothing
5:31you can pretty much use credit card everywhere, like coffee shops will
5:34accept it for like a two dollar purchase. There’s no like
5:36extra charge or anything. [S]Convenience stores and everything you can use your credit cards. [M]However, when you
5:40go to Japan
5:41[S]yeah. [M]You are screwed if you do not have cash on you. [S]Even for major franchizes. Like you go to a Coco Curry
5:45which they have them almost everywhere. They only accept cash, which really was
5:49frustrating for us because we didn’t plan this one in advance. I wish I would
5:52have seen this beforehand. [M]Yep. Korea is very wired up when it comes to
5:55credit cards. [S]So we’re making this seem all very doom and gloom, we’re just trying to prepare
5:58you. But more than likely you gonna have no problems with shopping in Korea. [M]Speaking of
6:03Tip no. 6: our last tip had like 18….[S]It had
6:06subtips. [M]subtips if you will. When it comes to shopping a lot of people hit the major
6:10touristy areas, like Myong-dong, because the clothing there is pretty cheap.
6:13If you go to a department store in Korea, where looking at like name-brand
6:17places, you know you can try on the clothing, you can use your credit card to purchase it,
6:19but you might find that Myong-dong will give you a better deal.
6:22However that usually means cash purchases and they won’t let you try on
6:27the clothing.
6:27[S]yes. We run into a lot of people who say things like: oh, because I am a torusit
6:30they won’t let us try it on. [S]They don’t like
6:32foreigners, and what not. That’s not the case. It’s not anything specifically
6:36you or your race. [M]No, it’s actually just like it’s such a cheap kind of like
6:40quick exchange of goods place.
6:42If you try on the clothing, first of all people get make-up smuged all over it.
6:45So they don’t want you to try it on, but a lot of places don’t have the language to
6:48express it. So they’ll just do things like
6:50no, or like you can’t. So people feel like it’s really rude when
6:54in reality it applies to everybody living in Korea. So cheap clothing is
6:58great but might be inconvenient so I would say where some kinda clothing that
7:01can help you
7:02push it up against your body to try to eyeball it, and be aware of free size.
7:06The F, which means one size fits all which one size is not
7:10fit all. [S]Free size usually just means that I’m
7:14the designer, I made 1 size and if you don’t fit it, then you’re free to f*ck off.
7:18[M]That’s what it feels like. [S]yeah, that’s what it means.
7:21and unfortunately free size is you usually what you find in areas like Hongdae and Myong-dong.
7:25So it’s fashionable, it”s cheap, but it probably won’t fit you.
7:29[M]~despair~[S]Hey, hey, there there,
7:32there there. I know you don’t fit things here. Hey, I don’t fit things here, I’ve totally
7:37given up on that. [M]But I am a girl. [S] How about a double XL from the Nike store recently,
7:41and it’s like, my sweater thing, it’s tight at a double XL.
7:45If I bought a double XL in the US I can make a tent out of it.
7:48That’s what happened when Lee brought back pants for us. [S]Yeah, Lee brought us some double XL pants
7:52they cover my nipples. [M]They are pajama pants. [S] The pajama pants go up to..and I just put them in
7:57Each of us could.. you could do the left leg, I could do the right leg, and we could create like a uni in the blanket.
8:01It’s like a snuggie blanket.
8:02XL in Korea means more like a medium
8:05in the US. [M]And tip no. 7 is when you leave Korea.
8:09So when you leave from Incheon Airport, before you go through security, there is a lot
8:12of like bakeries, there is even like convenience stores where you can buy
8:14snacks and stuff like that But once you get through the other side of security,
8:18[S]There is barely anything to eat it. [M]Yeah, it’s mostly like namebrand shoppings. So if you are into buying
8:22designer stuff, then enjoy eating your designer out of a bag but other than that
8:25there is
8:25pretty much one food court, which is painfully overpriced,
8:29and not very… it’s like 11 or 12 $ for a simple roll of bibimpap. [S]It’s a huge rip-off
8:33There’s a Starbucks,
8:34where you’re like okay and then there’s some really shoddy
8:37food stands. So what I recommended is before you go through security
8:40get yourself like a freshly made sandwich or a salad or get some like
8:44snacks from the convenience store anything that’s not liquid beacuse obviously it won’t make it through
8:48And then you’ll have something on the other side and you will thank us because we’ve been through
8:51that airport so many many times.
8:54Seriously pick up some good food on the other side of security before you go
8:57through. So that’s it for our 7 tips and tricks
8:59if you plan on visiting Korea, we’re gonna talk about a few more in a blog post. So make sure
9:02to click on a link here,
9:03if you wanna be fully prepared for your visit to this country. I feel like the blogpost
9:07contains the most important vital parts of information. [S] I know. [M]So my question for you guys today is this:
9:12Think outside the box. Imagine someone is coming to visit your country. They’re
9:15arriving at your
9:16airport and they’re trying to get to your city and get a hotel, do touristy things. What
9:20is one or two pieces of advice
9:22you would want to give them that they do not know from like the normal touristy
9:25travel guide.
9:26Think about it as if you’re advising us because we do a lot traveling. There is a good
9:29chance that we might visit some of your country this year. [M]For our last TL;DR we
9:32talked about bakeries in Korea and how
9:34different the breads are than what we’re used to back home how much we miss it.
9:37And we’re talking about how we miss the Canadian breads and what not. We had an
9:41awesome comment specifically from Akichan, who is from Iran and she wined up saying
9:45that they
9:46hate US bread which is surprising to me because I
9:49miss it, I love it. What is it that you hate so much about it?[M]But you know what
9:53is interesting is what I was reading through
9:54the comment section a lot of people said things like when they went overseas to
9:57North America, the bread was so soft,
9:59[S]yes. [M]Like the sliced-style, it is squishy. They said there was like no texture.
10:03As opposed to like Scandinavian bread, that’s really really dense. [M]Yeah.
10:06So people are used to like a grainy taste and they have a North American bread
10:10and they are like what did this crap.
10:12It’s so interesting, right? Like we miss bread, you guys miss bread, people miss bread.
10:15We miss it for different reasons. [M]yeah. [S]Also we had a really
10:18interesting comment from
10:19xDareDBx who we see in lots of our videos, thank you for commenting all the time.
10:24We really appreciate it. [M]yeah, they left a really cool comment saying that in their
10:26international business class
10:28in Korea they learned that the person that found Paris Baguette [S]yes. was actually
10:32found because McDonald needed people to make their bun and all
10:36the A and B level bakers in Korea… [S]refused [M] were like,
10:39no we are not gonna help you out. And then he was part of C level. [S]He
10:43agreed to do it
10:44and then afterwards used that knowledge to make Paris Baguette and
10:48Paris Croissant and they became A MILLIONARE!
10:51Who is laughing now A and B class bakers! You got nothing!
10:55Even though I still don’t like Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant’s food. I can still respect that
10:59this guy is totally
10:59laughing at all the other people that snob McDonalds.