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0:17everybody I love you know he follow me on social media refusing any
0:21my recent videos no just got back from Thailand I’m now in New Zealand
0:25as usual I thought I would love through the expenses
0:28all Tyler now I was a hoax that’s what I want and tight so when
0:32picky countries I should rewrite have cheap
0:35is Thailand problem of getting will start off with my favorite
0:39topic food pantry shouldn’t i do not go hungry
0:43trust me there of street vendors absolutely
0:47everywhere they on lying the streets just waiting for you to come back and
0:52the amazing like dumplings and wonton heininger
0:56ducks case I’m talking about her weight morning
1:00I’m 100 percent recommend you eating off the streets the 99 percent females
1:05it’s just where you get the best food and for something
1:08like packed hi or pork and noodle soup
1:11or blood-red talk soup which is really famous in Thailand
1:15then you’ll be looking at paying rent 3250 bob’s
1:18and just conversion 50 part is about power and not too shabby
1:23it comes to what I will be paying to bob for a small bottle
1:26and 20 thoughtful a notch to I mean it’s just pennies
1:30after all you’ve been drinking five there if you go to buy you be looking at
1:34spending between 70 and 120 bar
1:37her pint depending on where you go is a very touristy area you
1:42are going to pay more and it can be practically the same prices as it is
1:46in England so if you drink is so super cheap but what about the big one
1:50the one thing that drains your budget hedge
1:53we stayed in three different kind of places in Thailand
1:58and three very different prices so
2:01one first Bangkok booked into at B&B apartment
2:04with absolutely how amazing we had our kitchen bathroom
2:09living area usual that huge balcony on the top
2:13law overlooking Bangkok and that came
2:17and around 17 pound and nights but that’s for
2:20both the view ago she can get cheaper if you want same dorm room
2:24case on road then you’ll be paying a few pounds the night
2:27but I’m a host of at this point in my life
2:31I really over them I did the ministry I didn’t go to Europe
2:35over them and me both face especially if I work from home
2:39I need quiets and area
2:42wifi which isn’t being used by five hundred other people
2:45then Chiang Mai we just went and we heard about this guest house which to
2:50when I find guesthouse and it was amazing for a fun
2:54room double but it came in at 450
2:58up which is 9 pounds last fall
3:01by fifty each you want to go for a air con room that I believe there around 650
3:08700 bar only an extra all hands to hand each
3:12out on top and I if you wanna call and we would not only met but I
3:16still waiting with this fun just blow hot air around us
3:19thinking was is really worth saving four pounds fall
3:24I’m right now no it’s not and then when we went back for a night in Bangkok we
3:29in a hotel just cheap hotel where he had half a day that before the court of law
3:33to Oakland this hotel came enact over just over twenty pound tonight but this
3:38hotel did have a massive like infinity style
3:41pool on the roof so
3:44I suppose is kinda work the I wouldn’t do long-term hotels me to
3:48really offer much character like guest houses away B&B
3:51license to watch a hostile Scott hostile to come and hostile us
3:55so Chi but be prepared but bugs a lot a whole nother
4:00transportation KK wrenching got a lot of options
4:03tax a took took train bus walk or you can hire a car
4:08of you to Anderson madness which is a Bangkok at rush hour
4:11I contacted prices are some of the lowest tactic price
4:14in the world make sure it is metered taxi driver stands as usual went on for
4:20you can sit down state meet up
4:21just say me to if they say no you but no close the door they are going to rip you
4:26taxi drivers in Bangkok the No they’re expected to put them each drum
4:30mostly yet call me to an AC input on me to stop up 35 part
4:35and have to go quite a long way for to go up to anything extravagant
4:39new only game around the city from one table
4:42to the next or something like that will cost you about hand
4:45trains in Bangkok a recall as well and we paying between 1375 her
4:50right depending on how far you going so I can actually give you
4:54price bullets arrived power won’t have 50 absolutely maximum
4:58than one the one to the other us is also see she coming in at
5:02nine boss and it doesn’t Matta how far you go but up only on a non
5:07on the air condition one they charge you for you distance west
5:11Nana on John Hart lady comes round United Bob he should take a death march
5:16line I finally the infamous talk to now if you plan on getting a tactic you have
5:20to haggle
5:21low meters into tax so really how go hard
5:25for Chiang Mai I can tell you you should never pay more than a
5:2950 up in took to I think that’s what we were told I was out guideline
5:34never more than 150 anywhere which is three-pound though knowing we were
5:38paying between fifty and
5:40a hundred are to go different places all they also have issues like bus
5:45taxes we jump in the back room on and he’ll take you and and that seems cheap
5:48as well
5:49I’m finally attractions only thailand lottery full
5:53temple %uh a lot of them of free when when
5:56some you may have to pay for for example when you can see the reclining Buddha
6:00that’s not very and these her Motor City temples the
6:04bigger temples them big attractions will have a lock on birders
6:08looking to pay between 50 and 150 of the most expensive
6:12tourist attraction probably known to man comment i’d on is located in Bangkok and
6:16the royal palace we didn’t go because we were
6:19are really strict budget and his 500
6:22baugh which is 10 pounds and after you spent so long
6:26paying 80 pence field n/a and it’s all says
6:30johnnie going to this Palace for Tampa until a
6:33excuse me time hamas me and a whether I we wish we had done and I’ll definitely
6:38doing you wanna go back to Bangkok the party the reviews are just
6:41as well for the royal palace so there you go
6:44your own I hope you can use those guidelines in kind of thought I
6:48budget for yourself we didn’t end up spending that much when you’re paying
6:52$50 bottle meal
6:54and you eat i three times a day and balls
6:57water which is what you can be drinking mainly is only 10 but honey bar
7:01as you see not spending a lot a combination of the will always be the
7:05most expensive thing
7:06you put your money too but our guest house like I said was 450 par
7:11and with an amazing guest house and you can get cheaper if you mom
7:14well we kinda like but a copper I don’t mind paying an extra 2-3 pounds and I
7:19with because thought is the only difference in these kind of things
7:23when you think about it like that I prefer to pay someone they
7:27clean come to a great start got great food
7:31at a swimming pool for example a great wifi see
7:34really enjoyed unreal
7:35lacks then save yourself to pound a day
7:39stay somewhere where its fall
7:42a bed bugs on it dirty and it’s noisy and it’s falling apart
7:46on the internet doesn’t work and all this kind of stuff so just keep that in
7:51be realistic is gonna break your back
7:54to have a little extra comfort okay I’ve been rumbling at No
7:58we’re gonna go out to explore some of the West Coast
8:01here in Oakland and I will see %um
8:05Friday does he have to strike but don’t know much else
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8:18and I will see you on Friday I’m a little psychos you