Complete Video Transcript

0:03you well the AM right now
0:06and I have a have all made it because I didn’t realize how early American need
0:11to wake up for me
0:12play at that 8 hand that this morning to Chicago
0:16film leaving for the airport probably at six commenting that should be good
0:22hand hook really funny because they felt the and lastly
0:26no indictment different color than movie could I’m not wearing any makeup
0:30by the way this guys making year them
0:33if you’re wondering what the hell I A of course
0:36I packing for last minute I had so much do yesterday because after become
0:40basically just had
0:41Sunday and Monday and Irish running so many errands today
0:45in doing just like I am now on so
0:49course last minute packing up I finished arm
0:54I just have to actually close my few keys that ickes wanted to show you guys
0:58all over you about to check into my play online I am so ridiculously tired but
1:04there really isn’t any good
1:06it because I will be able to act on the plane
1:10hopefully the entire flight which will be incredible
1:14I can’t wait this is the packing situation so
1:19this is my pulley and I I get and then
1:22all other restive this stuff that
1:25I’m going to hopefully be able to fit in the suitcase because it is a carry-on
1:29this is my toiletry bag this is just a backpack that I wanna have to bring
1:34around the city
1:35this is like random stuff that all I fit into these are legal pack in cuba
1:40I love them they’re actually really handy it is keeping its kinda but
1:44organize so this is my biggest one and then
1:46under this I had but my close and I’ll show you guys met
1:52outfit like com in photo then
1:55and like other blogs and I’m actually there but
1:59it’s already packed up right now and in the future my makeup
2:03and I
2:04have I think four pairs if you have one more pair
2:07I’m under here and this is just like Mandarin bread but I put in these lines
2:13good transit this guy up heck yeah
2:16it always somehow works out and thankfully I
2:20was able to expand my suitcase in fifth I love myself
2:24in my carry-on bag which I actually find out then I get free checked bags
2:29so I am probably just gonna check this because
2:33so much easier than lugging it around to airport
2:37I’m starting a blog of early today because I’m doing on
2:40a lot of lying I have a layover in Minnesota and I’m gonna be flying in
2:46forward 30 ish this man wanted to do
2:49say okay lending like forwarders something
2:5230 Chicago time I believe gonna be a long day and chapels but I haven’t been
2:56on the plane and Mike
2:58five weeks a think around that it’s been with you really really weird because I
3:03usually fly
3:04so much it’s been a really nice break that’s what I’m wearing
3:07today by the way very a chill close
3:10release of duty that I got like two years ago or something from her an email
3:15will and then
3:16the shirt which eventually got hidden from American Apparel
3:20I also got my nails done too the new girl I love the colors like
3:24justice a magenta a purple that are you eating
3:28a trainee eat my power crunch bar sir
3:32come on come on man occurred on a switch unit
3:36this is 10 my favorites Richard its new
3:39and I got a Nazi and it has the better symbol
3:43in he dream catcher in the bath time is the bad
3:48because I just have the Big Bear you know that phone call
3:51so thick I love it and to a soft on the inside him
3:55I’m so tired and little additional I can’t wait to get on the plane
4:00as soon as I stepped foot on the plane I am going to be
4:03out her but I just put this kind a little how can he deliver his business
4:08hiya and he’s going to be babysat by making pretty we
4:12yeah in my pooper is arriving now
4:16to the airport so I will see you can I at the airport in
4:22been done are me
4:25are begun
4:30me are
4:34min hun
4:36Leanne are
4:39look low
5:01for many hours later I diminishing how good and my over Jeffrey K
5:06yeah thought he was a man who is on my friends from LA actually
5:11is from Chicago one downlight sheeeeit allowing me to stay with her
5:16reputed with monetary 29 done
5:19nominated she picked me up I’m so happy
5:22everyone mad I’ll let you know home how will you do me
5:26ya on his lap time on my play screen on Minli
5:30my calling Liang mean I did you not like something was wrong
5:34p-values good tired like minor on a normal life me I
5:39any Tina yummy
5:42and husband Mike you need me by your home
5:45do yeah
5:49event are of bein the mitten
5:53liquid fusion we are here
5:58I am what did you get
6:02copying Catholic menu yet
6:06hi guy a combination of cheap labor flavor Java chip
6:11and no cash it’s like a frozen coffee during
6:21and sell them
6:27will membership in a minute
6:29Macromedia Mac
6:31we’re coming back Cooper guys with his hairy
6:34we can see in that mood the gauge
6:38only that he knows and Birmingham S&P period lizard
6:42for no I in dinners room
6:46this is so crazy being in her room at home it’s so
6:50pretty empty Sharon out but arm her mom
6:53me to and incredible dinner oh my god I’m so close to me it click
6:58so much shopping I don’t rely family had Lake
7:01a larger homemade meal like honestly and never
7:05I was so cute like her whole family is here
7:09to bring that everything her mom is literally I pasta and bread
7:13chicken and care had Angelique only star
7:18her so that harmful and we’re
7:21world-leading in here so red probably be cool all their
7:25at a little bit better on we are gonna chill for a little bit get a little bit
7:29full and then we’re probably gonna head to the gym
7:33handed and non-public government cheese
7:36yup that’s what the night is looking like many it’s going to be cruel I’m
7:40I keep me from inclusion probably wear them back in here
7:43here hello guys so the
7:46and the day has come how from delicious p
7:50right here that he really made me solely on I don’t know you
7:54into cubano like good I look at his mug to it literally like a bowl
7:59who could pursue sting
8:03fear you ok you know ice cream me and here went
8:08cue lifetime and we did it the sana
8:11which is very nice I sweating experience so I didn’t bring the camera along
8:17on the act but then we want to make you doctor that it was sound good
8:22homegirl unionized face been a really a nice evening and
8:26eating the leadership’s he late and obviously you showered
8:29home now I’m so sleepy
8:33so we’re just gonna chill hit the hay publisher editing this blog and hope you
8:37guys enjoyed
8:38into it like trouble for detergent everything that I got today
8:42here I love you guys on Thursday
8:45when emily is gonna be here with so fitting and I think
8:49I wonder Katie will be here to an end I doubt but Emily and Hillier
8:53also coming to the festival which is really creating so I am going to go
8:57indelibly i’d give is what got them that if you enjoyed within 20
9:00and I’ll a few on Thursday area
9:04whenever you watch the next book good below