What’s in My Tech Travel Backpack?


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0:00going on guys drops consumer and this
0:03is what’s in my tach travel backpack yyyy
0:08filed bad
0:11in our guys here we have Caselogic backpack now these always have weird
0:16model number so I leave the link down below on the description
0:19to this and everything else in the video if you’re interested in it
0:22now with this backpack I was something a lot smaller
0:26I wanted this to be a travel backpack so I’m going out on a day trip
0:29I can carry the tech I need with me in this tiny backpack
0:32with how to look into large so let’s take a look at what’s inside it
0:36the first compartment is where I hold my process Res
0:40and you know cable things like that nothing too special
0:44I’ve got a pen and pencil I can always have these options
0:48the rip and pilot g2 and this is a pretty cool pencil
0:52I don’t know that especially in but it’s really nice I like them both
0:56and let’s see I
0:59also got of course my 3ds
1:02X al now this is the new 3ds XL
1:05I really like the improvements the tracking
1:08for the really is amazing so this is right always have to have with me
1:13if I go anywhere and my have some downtime side definitely want to be able
1:16to get on my 3ds
1:18love this thing of course is the really awesome case with it
1:21I’m able to hold up to eight games more if I double star by
1:25it’s pretty quiet awesome styles as well and of course I’ve got some cables and
1:28chargers in here
1:29for devices that need them so couple cable
1:33goes right there and of course
1:36the wall adapters gonna need those
1:39and here will have a USB 3.0
1:44adapter so USB 2.0 to regular USB
1:48gotta have that as well and the
1:51let’s see I also got this little flash drive
1:55not this is an awesome flash drive this is AP and why
1:59I believe this is a piano why flash drive is 128 gigs
2:03and as USB 3.0 and it was really inexpensive materials may be like 30
2:08that’s a lot of storage atom really fast needs
2:12for a very low amount of money I’m super happy with this best last night I have
2:17definitely recommend it life guys are interested I’ve also got a
2:21tiny little tripod hear from them proto so if I have my camera
2:25I can set it up on this and it gives me a lot of flexibility I can position the
2:29camera however I want pretty inexpensive is widely used
2:33about so less and activities will
2:37pockets here now in this little zipper have a couple
2:41things as well now I don’t usually carry my phone my backpack
2:46could always in my pocket nowadays I carry two phones one for Android
2:50and one for I O S died 16 plus is my daily driver right now so that is in my
2:55but this is the Galaxy S six with P speak in case on it arm
3:01this is my combo for Android whenever I wanna get on
3:03rating use it this is where I’m using so this is my daily driver
3:07for Android also in here I do have
3:11a model 360 if I do want to take off the half watching get rid of the six plus
3:15I go for Andrew Angela where on my modem sixty
3:19and Michael cs6 and I
3:22also have been here a pair
3:26Jabour bluebirds X now these are
3:29awesome Bluetooth earbuds amazing I use these
3:33a lot probably one of my this is actually my favorite
3:36Bluetooth here but I that so small compact
3:40definitely definitely worth it so that little compartment help quite a bit of
3:44stuff here so very happy with that and a top
3:47got a little compartment here hi this is a nicely
3:50cushion area so you’ve got space for something like a digital camera
3:55this is my rx 100 March 3 so this is my blog on camera the camera that
4:00you guys should seen issue with for all your average couple videos
4:04this is an awesome and amazing camera have but this is right
4:09remarkably and this is in awesome little pouch to hold it
4:13it’s got a nice little fiber microfibre feeling inside
4:17so this is awesome and down extra battery
4:20to go along with it now
4:23back that now the signs also have a
4:26some pockets don’t like here I’m
4:29guy a portable battery it seems little case
4:33so this thing is a pretty
4:36awesome portable battery this thing has 13,000 no haps
4:40something like a portable charger is a must-have for
4:44in tacky I think regular people should be using this level a techie and not
4:47despite what harder in particular is the Brio lots and is by century
4:52what I really like about in the reason i picked it out is because I have a high
4:56and also tells you Israel percentage right on the stream
5:00up how much battery got left and you can charge two devices at once
5:04can be that also inside
5:07little pouch it comes with a time micro USB cable
5:11so I get to use this to charging device and the really nice stuff
5:15now let’s see Wilson guy on this side
5:19you’ve got a mouse
5:22this is the lighting type: performance and ex master
5:26this is an awesome miles on the go because it works on just about any
5:30so that makes a perfect for traveling really good stuff
5:33any connects via bluetooth or with the download were however you want
5:37visit I like to use with Bluetooth so the things been
5:40killer love this guy now that’s about it there
5:44never seem to have been the main compartment the biggest one
5:48of course I have a little Journal travel journal
5:52I tend to jot down a lot of video ideas on here so this is why carry it around
5:56I’ve also got a small the speaker this is the JBL polls
6:01now the speaker is awesome in actually surprising quite a bit
6:04is got all these funky lights and colors is really
6:08really cool-looking the south line on this very surprising very good
6:12for something so small it has Pirate Bay’s and it’s just got a lot of
6:17little while designs and color schemes to go with it
6:20so it’s really cool definitely like to travel around especially since it
6:24doesn’t take up too much space
6:25now I’m also got this guy
6:30views are a pair bluetooth headphones
6:33you guys know more about Bluetooth had this is
6:36the song exp 9/ 15 BT now you guys have heard him talk about his headphones
6:41quite a bit
6:42and home in love with them if your base lover
6:45and not all about the base he’d you gonna love these
6:48their Bluetooth you can use them with a cable if you decide to
6:51so if the battery dies you can still use it but from base lovers this is an
6:55amazing pair of headphones
6:57really love this this is my boat repair headphones whenever I’m home
7:01I’ll now this is a case that I got from the Sony mdr1 are
7:05it didn’t come with it by it works perfectly for these headphones
7:08especially since the Bluetooth on travel with it
7:10this is the perfect case to go with it that’s where I got and
7:15last but not least we’ve got
7:19this guy the 12 inch Mac Book now
7:22this is not the vice I recommend for a lot of people because
7:25you guys how we’ve seen that video I don’t really recommend it
7:29but I can not deny the portability
7:32is amazing I love how portable this is this is my go to laptop whenever I’m
7:36reaching for one
7:37because I so simple quick and easy to use the stings tiny guys
7:42and looks great so portability being a travel backpack something really lie
7:47this is my go to love it now
7:51backpack and hold a much larger device than the 12 inch MacBook
7:54he can all time like 215 and so if you have subpoena laptop it’ll definitely
7:58fit in here there’s a lot of space in here
8:00but this is my travel sized I’m so
8:03this is it all right here guys this
8:06is everything that I will take with me I’m making a short day trip
8:10so that’s why I chose bag this thing can hold a ton tak prosto looking very
8:14compact and small
8:15from this is definitely my choice I don’t want to have a lot of stuff on me
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9:04down blown
9:05description but that about wraps it up for this video guys
9:08hopefully you enjoyed it this is all the stuff that I bring with me
9:12whenever I’m going out for short trip this is my tech travel back
9:16so tolex video guys jobs consumer pace